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Singapore: TPP will collapse if the symbol of the United States suffered a major setback in Asia: status data figure figure for the United States "John · in the South China Sea cruise; Kirsten nice" aircraft carrier equipped with EA-18G growler electronic warfare aircraft. Original title: Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore: TPP collapse will symbolize the status of the United States suffered a major setback, according to the British Financial Times website reported on October 24th. Said the Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore is Dammam day before, if the United States can not approve the "trans Pacific Partnership Agreement" (TPP), its position in Asia will suffer a major setback". This statement highlights that Singapore is worried that the United States to return to Asia Pacific strategy is in trouble. Reported that the Asian allies of the United States worried about the collapse of Singapore’s TPP will become a symbol of the withdrawal of the United States from the Asia pacific. The trade agreement, which covers 12 countries along the Pacific coast, has become a key issue in the u.s.. Both Hilary and Donald, both of whom are opposed to the deal, are both of the same kind as Mr. And Mr. At present, TPP in the United States Congress approved the hope is slim. "The TPP is not only related to the immediate economic benefits, but also to the openness and the desire to build and deepen the relationship," said Dammam. After the election, people who have a calmer mind usually get the upper hand. But this time, we can’t be so sure." The remarks highlight the high degree of concern in Asia this year, the u.s.. Singapore is a small economy that relies on foreign trade and is one of the four founding members of the TPP. Singapore Prime Minister Li Xianlong TPP will be called a "touchstone of American credibility in the Asia Pacific region". More exciting content, please pay attention to the public, "WeChat Tencent military academy"相关的主题文章:

Analysys seeds of second-hand car app when used daily long industry ranked first in the new network pp点点通2006

Analysys: seeds of second-hand car APP when used daily long industry ranked first – Beijing, Beijing, September 7,   recently, big data products Analysys’s sails Analysys released the latest second-hand car electricity supplier C2C field data. Data show that, compared with similar enterprises, melon used car APP July average daily use of long obvious advantages, ranking first in the industry. In the second-hand car electricity supplier C2C, Analysys presents second-hand car, car and all the seeds of car free three data. Data show that in the daily use of long, the seeds of second-hand car APP data for 211 thousand and 400 times, leading to all the cars and car free. Analysys pointed out that in the assessment of key indicators of APP, the seeds of second-hand car leading obvious advantages, the future is more worth the wait. Analysys data and seeds of second-hand car data released by the consistent trend. Previously, the melon used car revealed that the mobile terminal traffic accounted for more than half of its total traffic. Reporters learned that the melon used car APP obvious advantages, and its layout and investment in the field of mobile Internet is closely related. Since its inception, the melon used car will focus on the layout of the mobile business, and in the APP end and WAP end constantly optimize product form, and continuously enhance the user experience. It is worth noting that the seeds as the representative of the second-hand car second-hand car business enterprise rise to the second-hand car market activity, especially the seeds of second-hand car launched C2C direct selling mode, eliminating the middleman, users have been recognized and favored. At the same time, other institutions in the industry data also verify the rapid development of the melon seeds used car. Industry renowned big data service providers set Austrian polymerization in 2016 second-hand car market insight report shows that in the first quarter of 2016, the number of seeds used car search industry. Millward Brown the world’s leading marketing consulting agency (Hua Tongming) 2016Q2 second-hand car brand health tracking recently published "Research Report" also proved that the second-hand car market performance of seeds in multiple dimensions: seeds of second-hand car straight sell second-hand car station network user network has become the most commonly used, at all levels of the Pyramid brand conversion rate on the top of the column, the seeds used spaces.相关的主题文章:

Photography enthusiasts welfare 5 steps to teach you to shoot nude 3D blockbuster roxane hayward

Photography enthusiasts welfare: 5 steps to teach you to shoot there naked eye 3D large Photoshop for non professional photographers can easily create a confused eye effect, Charlie Kitchen is hoping to draw a line with these little tricks. He is a conservative, build squandering charming eyes pictures by excellent photography and camera. Kitchen from Texas with a large format camera and some template will be able to create the so-called naked eye 3D effects. It takes a few days for each shot. "I’m always going to devote a lot of time to everything I do — even when it’s too much." He said. Three years ago, in contact with large format photography, he began to study the effect of naked eye 3D. Kitchen enjoyed the time spent on the focus lens, the frame and the exposure photos. But he wants to do more, Hannah Whitaker experimental lens collage image gives him new inspiration. "There are a lot of things that can be changed in the process of photography, even as the medium itself is relatively not yet developed." He said. It took 18 months for Kitchen to hone his photography skills and spend countless films. The first use of the Google sketch master 3D model to find the required template shape, and then cut out the black paper. Kitchen used to bring a tripod with three View G Dongyang 4× 5 were in the vicinity of the camera’s residence in Sanantonio. He will keep the template film clip is inserted, and press the shutter. Then another template, slightly mobile camera, press the shutter, exposure of a single piece of film. He will again and again to repeat this process for 1 hours, creating a picture as is seen in the landscape in a mirror. There is no need for Photoshop. Source: Wired Author: Laura Mallonee translation: Yin Xiaolin相关的主题文章: