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Ultra practical six car configuration, not to argue! Sohu automobile with the development of science and technology today, the configuration of the car is more and more comfortable configuration, security configuration and so on, are numerous, but some configuration or too high or too chicken ribs, to tell the truth, we are not suitable for the vast majority of consumer groups. Here we talk about which car configuration is really very practical. Induction type trunk as the name implies, induction type is not the need to use the hand to open the trunk, directly with the foot in the rear of the car to sweep it, you can automatically open the trunk. Really, this configuration is really very useful ah, when you buy a big push from the store, both hands are occupied, and next to no one to help you, how do you put things into the trunk, put it on the ground? In case of rain, there is water on the ground, it is not GG. The induction cage can solve this problem perfectly. ESP ESP (vehicle stability control) as a safety control configuration, it is developed in ABS, EBD and TCS basis, it includes not only the TCS function, can control the driving and braking forces, and can control the driven wheel, respectively control each wheel, which can be "corrected" more dangerous the vehicle unstable situation. When the turning vehicle oversteer and appear to be "tail" phenomenon or understeer and appear to be "push" phenomenon, ESP will intervene, to stabilize the vehicle through the outer wheel or the inner rear wheel brake. Especially anxious to fight the steering wheel (such as emergency road suddenly appeared in the pedestrian Dodge), ESP intervention can greatly reduce the body out of control (such as sideslip flick, danger). Reversing video images this configuration is quite practical, especially for some of the driver or driver technology is not very good novice, it is a welfare. And you can also solve the problem of blind mirror, really worry and easy to use. Deputy driver’s seat electric adjustment had to say, who used to adjust the seat who knows, after using it really do not want to manually adjust it again, this is the application of technology, the progress of the times. And when driving, the driver gently move your finger to complete the seat adjustment, manual adjustment, can you? With the development of intelligent mobile phone USB interface, do not think everyone must leave the body of the mobile phone, and in the network era, intelligent mobile phone power consumption is great, then the car if there is a USB interface to charge the mobile phone, it is really great. An auxiliary upslope auxiliary system HAC is a function in the ESP system based on derivatives developed, it can make the vehicle without the use of hand brake case, starting on the slope, the right foot off the brake pedal vehicle still can continue to keep the brake a few seconds, thus allowing the driver to easily turn the brake pedal by foot turn the accelerator pedal, to prevent slipping caused by accident, and also will not let people feel the rush of driving. Of course, the configuration is very practical, but once hooked up with money, it is worth considering. Buy a car car, answer attention WeChat public number: my car on a small series have been discharged!

79The first look at its imperial GL good buy Sagitar before|The first look at its imperial GL good buy Sagitar before9

The first look at its imperial GL good buy Sagitar before? 100 thousand dollars to buy a car, what do you choose? The manual futefu shinsc? Automatic minimum with Volkswagen Santana? Or in front of the car is equipped with 1.3T engine top with imperial GL, exceeding 4 metres in length 7, equipped with adaptive cruise control, active safety brake system, car air purifier advanced equipment system. From the configuration point of view, this "auspicious fine car 3 times" the new car works and the same level of independent brands in a leading position, and even do not strive with the joint venture brands. But we can’t see how the configuration table money, Geely imperial GL car texture? How about it? I believe you will find the answer. The test models for the MSRP of $107 thousand and 800 Geely imperial GL top with models, equipped with front and rear head airbags, leather seats, main driving seat electric adjustment, heated front seats, lock the car rearview mirror automatic folding, ACC adaptive cruise, reached a higher level in the configuration of rich degree. With a distinct family face, will be able to recognize this is a Geely brand cars, the imperial GL can be seen on the higher level sedan Geely brilliant shadow, especially large inclined angle C column design, increase the movement atmosphere for vehicle positioning this household. The appearance of functional aspects, the test models are equipped with automatic headlights and a lamp is composed of 28 LED daytime running lights, keyless entry system is also absent. In the actual experience, the imperial GL interior part of the sense of quality impressed me, which at the same level of independent brands are relatively rare. The configuration is focused on practicality, for example, with the air purifier, with a distance from the camera system, etc.. Space, imperial GL performance basic and I expected quite commendable is, and not because of the length of the seat cushion to make space and deliberately reduced, so the seat especially the rear seat comfort good experience. Dynamic and driving experience: dynamic reserves, gearbox on the drive of economic models equipped with a 1.3T turbocharged Geely independent research and development, the platform has continued from the peak torque speed 1750rpm to 4500rpm, the transmission system, from Gert Lark’s second generation 6 speed dual clutch gearbox (ECO), the general economic and sports (SPORT) three driving modes. At the same time, the imperial GL is also equipped with electronic handbrake and AUTOHOLD function, to stop the city road with high practicability, ACC adaptive cruise control system and adding active braking safety system is to further enhance the driving convenience and safety. The drive through the cement pavement, pavement and pavement potholes County Road, the road is mostly fine vibration absorption, large potholes are softened, especially at high speed through the deceleration zone, hanging rebound crisp, showing good toughness. Only come into sharp focus on comfort, the suspension system is unable to cope with a lateral inertia, the body will be more obvious roll. In addition to package thenightbeingdarkandfrosty engine.