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Software AppEnsure calls this new capability Proactive APM. Before this, APM was most useful once an app launched, delivered a poor end-user experience, and was flagged by New Relic. Proactive APM gives business managers, engineers, and testers a way to anticipate the end-user experience while the app is under development. It then simulated user load to real user load once the app launches. This allows for instant diagnoses when there are production issues, by .paring expected transaction times with potential issues. If you are already using New Relic, youll want to add AppEnsure Unified Test Platform to your app development and testing environment. AppEnsure Unified Test Platform is the first beginning-to-end test system which accurately drives 100% of the actual user interactions, even with .plex HTML5 and AJAX client-side code. AppEnsure has had a monitoring capability to correlate resource CPU, Network, Memory, and other aspects of performance to app end-user experiences. Adding integration with New Relic helps surface and pinpoint app end-user performance issues and functional issues in Web apps, Ajax apps, Mobile (iOS/Android), and Oracle Forms apps more easily and more accurately. Proactive APM gives business managers, engineers, and testers a way to anticipate the end-user experience while the app is under development. The new features include: Integrated New Relic Monitoring to App Server, DB Server, Load Balancer, Node.js Server Quickly create Benchmarks to App Performance for DevOps and Engineers Live Web-based Results, Drill Downs to Request/Response Level As The Tests Run Analysis From Simulated Use Of Your App to CPU, Net, Memory, DB Query Analysis Use New Relic Application Performance Management For Deeper Root Cause Analysis 85 Reports from Results Repository for App Functional and Performance Analysis Define Appvance Unified Test Platform Integration To Any New Relic Report Select An App Transaction, see New Relic Report on Server, App, DB Runs AWS Cloud, Private Grid datacenter, or Both .patible with Selenium, JMeter, Sahi, Appium, Java, PHP, Perl Tests Data driven tests and analysis from live operational test data sources I first came upon the term Root cause analysis (RCA) while working at a network management start-up. The concept was to determine why a problem occurred so that repair could happen sooner and service restored. To do this required a discovery of the topology of a network and its devices in order to understand where a problem could occur and the relationship between the various parts. Monitoring was necessary in order to identify that a failure occurred and provide notification. However, the challenge in doing this was that many failure events are received in seemingly random order; thus, it is very difficult to differentiate which events signified symptoms of the problem and which event represented the actual cause. To resolve this, some solutions constructed elaborate causality chains in the hope you could follow them backwards in time to the "root-cause". This is akin to following smoke and having it lead you to the fire. Well it does work, if you do it fast enough and before the whole forest is in flames. The obvious next thing to do was apply this to applications. It certainly seemed like a good idea at the time … but it turned out to be much harder than expected. Why harder? Applications are far more .plex than .works with many more variations in behaviour and relationship. So, instead monitoring systems were applied to the various silos of application architecture such as web servers, application servers, middleware, databases and others. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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Afe: Know About Accredited Financial Examiner By: Judith M. Ehlers | Jan 5th 2015 – Finance is something that numerous people wish to make their career in, and when this is the situation .panies look for personals with number of certifications and experience. So getting yourself certified be.es essential. Tags: 相关的主题文章:

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Crafts-Hobbies The sensation that an individual gets after they are flying varies in accordance to each person. Some individuals will absolutely love the sheer freedom that comes with soaring high within the skies. Others will really feel sick on the mere thought of becoming way off the safe and regular ground. For that people who adore the freedom of becoming inside the skies can produce there are numerous techniques to gain this feeling. This really is in which ultralight airplanes come in to our discover. The ultralight airplanes are provided many definitions in numerous nations but they fundamentally imply the same thing. Within the US an ultralight airplane is designated as becoming just one seater airplane. It will possess a 5 US fuel galleon restrict a top pace of 55 knots or 102 kmh an empty excess weight thats much less than 254 kilos along with a stall velocity which doesnt permit the aircraft to exceed speeds past 24 knots. These limits puts ultralight airplanes as becoming planes like Gyroplanes seaplanes Quicksilver MX Pterodactyls Excess weight shift among other people. The ultralight airplanes have been placed into three generations of airplanes. The initial generation of ultralights were like hang gliders that had little engines placed on them. These engines permitted for an additional technique of launching. There are other techniques of flying but these is not going to provide you with the freedom that you simply want with ultralight airplanes. When you are ready to fly in one of those planes ensure that you simply have obtained the right directions. You need to also make certain that you arent flying your ultralight airplane in a crowded section of the town. By taking these precautions you can make sure that your plane journey is secure. With ultralight airplanes people now have yet another method of experiencing flying. And while it isnt the identical as flying a jet airplane you can still have a good time. Whenever you are taking a look at the different ultralight airplanes youll discover the same thing. This is actually the easy construct which caters for the atmosphere close to it. As there is certainly just one seat these planes are made to travel for quick distances. The many security functions which are a part of these planes now causes it to be feasible for anybody to fly these planes and also have entertaining. Although these ultralight airplanes are ones exactly where plenty of people cant travel in there is certainly a thrill to get found and knowledgeable when you fly in a single of these planes. You will discover that some of these ultralight airplanes can provide you with a feeling of freedom thats occasionally lacking in the typical planes. To be 1 with the sky take flight in ultralight airplanes and see just how fun it could be. 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