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11 overseas Chinese in Japan was awarded the "social and cultural Merit Award" (Figure) – Beijing new network in Tokyo in October 9, the Japan Society of cultural revitalization will be held in Tokyo 9 to 11 awards congratulations, active in their respective areas of overseas Chinese in Japan issued a "social and cultural work award". This is the Japanese folk organization for the first time to the overseas Chinese in Japan Elite Award, it tries to boost Sino Japanese folk cultural exchange. The day was awarded the award, including the long-term commitment of Sino Japanese cultural comparative study of renowned scholars Professor Wang Min, Hosei University is popular in the female singer Pan Youyan, who won the world dance competition, famous dancer Liu Ying flute virtuoso Zhang Xiaohui, renowned portrait painter Dong Qiang, the famous singer Cheng Bo, the famous martial arts style Song Sheng and Peking Opera artist Li Wenpei, well-known media people Jiang Feng, Japan travel industry service industry Ma Xiaoping, Wang Xiaoguang et al. Oesf Japan cultural revitalization Association eight Yuan Shan said in his speech, the Japanese Chinese and a long history of cultural exchanges between a narrow strip of water. Many of the outstanding people who have been nurtured by the two countries have not only been active on the world stage, but also contributed to the friendship between the two countries. In order to continue to make new achievements, the Chinese overseas Chinese Elite awarded the credit award. (end)相关的主题文章: