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18 women back child cover division and stole 4000 yuan down jacket (Figure) surveillance video display, several dressed in white shawl around the shelves around the suspect. Video screenshot original title: 18 women back child cover division stealing clothing store in the sand of a led by 18 women with long shawl, carrying 1 year old child, the partnership to the clothing store theft. The gang was responsible for the division of labor, the salesman scattered attention, was responsible for the cover, other people to steal clothes. Reporters learned yesterday from the Chaoyang police, the gang of 18 members has been under criminal detention, preliminary verification of the case from 8, involving more than 20 yuan. Women’s gang stealing clothes at 12:40 on October 13th Xu, Chaoyang police received a report, said many people in the East Third Ring Road, a clothing store theft. At 12:30 that day, more than 10 women carrying children came to the store. Two of them with the salesman asked to bargain, goods, other personnel to enter the store selection of clothing. Less than 3 minutes, more than a dozen women hurried away. The salesman feels very strange, but when the chase out of the shop, but was forced to stop several women, several other women took the opportunity to flee the scene. Sales clerk store clothing, found 8 down jacket lost, worth more than 4000 yuan. Police see the store surveillance video display, which is more than 10 women carrying the child reduce vigilance clerk, the shawl cover 8 down jacket stolen. Police investigation found that the recent spate of similar shopping centers around the theft. In plainclothes corps with the Council, the Chaoyang police set up a task force. After the scene, the transfer of control, and comprehensive visits to find out the law of the suspect committing the crime and characteristics analysis, the police preliminary judgment this is a series of thefts. The gang a total of 18 women, theft group out, carrying children to do the cover, a clear division of labor, mainly for the theft of items of clothing. The child back all the police retrieved surveillance video own display, every time the crime, the woman carrying a child, with a long white cloak over the child, together in the mall clothing stores. Because of wearing a white cloak is very long, and a dozen people together to enter the market is very obvious on the video. After entering the store, they are wandering around the shelves. According to police reports, these women generally choose to take good, high prices of goods theft. At the same time, more than a dozen individuals. The staff a clear division of labor, one to two people scattered salesman pay attention to "cover", there are some people standing in a circle from the shelves, the rest of the theft, stealing clothes after hiding in the long white cloak below, and then left the store quickly". According to the police investigation, this group of women living in the vicinity of the Beijing West Railway Station, the organizer is a surname sand woman, gang members are fellow is carrying a child, an average of 1 years old. They usually go out in the morning, came out after the find nearby shopping malls or stores around, "they don’t have a specific route for passenger flow is relatively large, relatively loose local crime". When the crime was arrested in late October 13th, the police received a report, said a hotel near the Beijing West Railway Station in women suspicious appearance and movements. Police immediately rushed to the hotel in the vicinity.相关的主题文章: