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2016 China International Friendship City conference ended a new city and good news – China News Agency, Chongqing, November (reporter Tang Feng) – China International Friendship City Conference 2016, 11, in Chongqing, the curtain fell. At the meeting, we signed two letters of intent on friendly city relations and a friendly city relations agreement. So far, China has concluded with 134 countries in the world, the relationship between the 2341 provinces and cities. At the meeting, he selected 76 "China friendly city exchanges and Cooperation Award", "37 international friendship city exchanges and Cooperation Award" and the "International Friendship City Special Contribution Award" (4)". Jiangbei District in Chongqing city and Italy Piacenza City, Shenyang city and Uruguay city of Florida has established sister city relations of intent, Hulun Buir city Hailar district and Inner Mongolia Mongolia mountain city Joe to establish friendly city relationship agreement concluded. According to the agreement signed between the city and the city friendly friendly intention city in the economic, culture, education, tourism and other areas to actively promote exchanges and cooperation projects, to further consolidate and deepen the friendly relations between the two sides. There is an old saying in China: the sky is bright and the stars are bright." Xie Yuan, vice president of the Chinese people’s Association for friendship with foreign countries, said that the China International Friendship City Conference has enhanced the understanding and friendship between the Chinese and foreign people, and it has positive significance to strengthen pragmatic cooperation between Chinese and foreign local governments. In addition, the meeting pointed out that through the "Chongqing initiative", each city should adopt a positive attitude and pragmatic initiatives, innovative approaches and friendly city communication field, promote the friendship city personnel, capital, goods, services, circulation, promote friendship city tourism cooperation. China International Friendship Cities Conference held once every two years, a total of 56 countries in, nearly 700 Chinese and foreign representatives of the 144 cities, the venue will be held in Hubei in 2018. (end)相关的主题文章: