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21 year old girl suffering from uremia mother points to a kidney to her (Figure) – Lu Linglin body better recovery, to help her mother do housework. Sichuan online news (reporter Wu Qichang He Qinhua) "although I lost a kidney, the family also owed a debt of $about 100000, but the daughter saved a life. As long as the people in debt can be slowly." Recently, in Leibo County Yongsheng stone village closed village, 41 year old Xiang Yongfen told reporters Yi women. A few years ago, Xiang Yongfen’s daughter Lu Linglin suffering from uremia, multi treatment but the treatment effect is very little, in March this year, Xiang Yongfen decided to give his daughter a kidney. "My daughter is my body drop down of meat, then a kidney to her, what is it." Xiang Yongfen said. Xiang Yongfen and her husband Lu six also raised a daughter of a son, the family of 5 people, two. 2013, 18 year old daughter Lu Linglin often stomach pain, when the family was busy repairing the house, the couple did not take her daughter to a large hospital for examination, but in rural hospitals to buy a point of pain medication to her daughter to eat. By the end of the year, Lu Linglin in Leibo county hospital was checked for anemia. One day in February 2014, Lu Linglin body also have a fever, vomiting. Xiang Yongfen and her husband rushed to her daughter to Yongshan County hospital. After transferred to Yibin First People’s Hospital, was diagnosed with uremia late. The doctor advised them to meet her last wish, but the doctor inadvertently saying "the best solution is to transplant is to yongfen remember in my heart. Lu Linglin dialysis in Yibin for more than 1 months, the body seems to be a lot better, then discharged home. Since then, Xiang Yongfen couple took her daughter to a hospital in Beijing, a special treatment of uremia, a needle 15000 yuan, back and forth to spend nearly $100 thousand. But Lu Linglin’s condition did not improve, back home, as long as you want to listen to what you can say that the secret recipe for the treatment of her daughter’s disease, she tried to find the secret recipe to her daughter. In early 2015, Lu Linglin admitted to the Yibin First People’s Hospital dialysis. It happened with the county Huang Lang Zhen an equally kidneydisorders boy living in a room. The boy’s mother prepares her to cut a kidney to his son, Chengdu West China Hospital for transplant matching.   Xiang Yongfen is collecting corn. Wu Qichang photo   April 2015, the boy in West China Hospital, Chengdu successfully put his mother’s kidney." Xiang Yongfen said she called the mother asked the boy, the other said a total of 120 thousand yuan. After learning the situation, in June 8th, he will quietly go to the Chengdu West China Hospital. June 28th, the hospital will be informed of her success. However, her husband Lu six also know his wife quietly to match the type of situation, do not agree with his wife cut kidney. He said, even if the daughter to transplant, should also cut his kidney to her daughter. We all think that cut a kidney, certainly a great impact on the body." Xiang Yongfen said that she and her husband Huang Lang himself to see the transplant mother, saw the mother and son are recovered well. Xiang Yongfen said that the husband is the backbone of one family, less of a renal in case of poor health, her husband can feed them one family. However, if.相关的主题文章: