3glasses&vrshow first developers to share Sharon to explore the future of VR content running man 20130908

3Glasses& VRSHOW first developers to share Sharon to discuss the future of VR content hosted by 3Glasses, VRSHOW hosted VR D-Day developer salon will be held in Beijing in October 28th. VR D-Day developers share salon consists of a large number of domestic and foreign leading VR companies to participate in the ongoing activities, hoping to activities, learning platform for domestic and foreign VR content developers to create a whole industry chain of communication. A new era of VR upsurge, VR content creation is become a hot topic, many developers want to develop newer and more high-quality content, but many developers are currently showing the state behind closed doors, lack of understanding of the market and the needs of users; advocate content is king 3Glasses& for VRSHOW that source of high-quality content on the following points: technology innovation, platform, etc.. 3Glasses announced in March this year, the establishment of VR content VRSHOW service platform, hope with the help of VRSHOW service platform, from hardware support, technical support, market guidance, realization of the channel and five dimensions dream of making money to support VR content developers. In June 29th 3Glasses held the blue Perot S1 conference, chief strategy officer 3Glasses Huang Wei announced the soon to open in five dimensions of "market guide" activities under the line VR D-Day to create the VR industry chain enterprises and practitioners to exchange platform to promote the rapid development of local VR ecosystem health in china. In October 28th, VR D-Day first SHOW series of activities of the Beijing Railway Station, with the VR content of the "breakthrough" as the theme, starting from the VR contents of the status quo, discuss three aspects of applications, from VR content VR content VR content of technology innovation, business model, chief strategy officer 3Glasses Huang Wei and VP Yang Junrui they will share some views on the content of VR and everyone in the salon. In addition, the world park, Wang Jing CEO Huanwei Kim CEO Wen Yanqiang, CEO Zou Aixiang, zero dimensional VR horizon CEO leaf ang, Beijing Film Academy web game department director Liu Yuejun, Li Zhigang, Le Cheng interactive CEO longitude CEO Zhang Zhuangli, disciple education CEO Du Ying will attend the activities and participate in the speech and dialogue. It is reported that the event has a set of DEMO content and experience the raffle, heavyweight prize – 3Glasses S1 – who gets? We live together announced it, the official registration channel has been opened, enter the official website or scan the following two-dimensional code can be registered! Shenzhen city on the 3Glasses Virtual Reality Technology Co. Ltd. (3Glasses), the leader Chinese virtual reality industry, virtual reality technology has accumulated more than 10 years, is one of the earliest companies involved in the virtual reality. Main business for smart wearable devices, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality and other fields of research and development, production, sales and growth.相关的主题文章: