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Travel-and-Leisure Hong Kong is a wonderful city to explore that offers a wide variety of experiences. From beautiful natural vistas to an intimidating skyline of skyscrapers, from bustling markets to sacred temples, from amazing food to world-class museums Hong Kong truly offers travellers the whole package. 1.Nature: Most hong kong packages wont include a trip to the newer territories and outlying islands, but if youre a nature fanatic, make sure to visit these areas. They are home to some beautiful pristine beaches and excellent walking and hiking trails such as Dragons Back. Take some time out to catch a breathtaking sunset on the beach or simply watch the waves. 2.Museums: There are more than 20 world-class museums found in the city. Some of them are government sponsored so if you visit them on Wednesday, you can enjoy free entry. From art to history, science to government services, from cinema to space, there are museums that cater to every interest. For the more eclectic tourist, there are even some quirky museums dedicated to niche interests like racing and tea ware. So, pick the ones that pique your interest and make sure to visit them during your Hong Kong escape. 3.Food: Hong Kong is one of Asias top culinary destinations. You can enjoy both world cuisine from Japanese to European dishes and delicious street food in the city. A specialty you must try are the dim sums steamed dumplings with meat or vegetable filling. 4.Shopping: Hong Kong is a shopaholics paradise. You can get everything here from clothes to gadgets and fascinating curios all over the city. Choose from large shopping malls with high-end brands, stylish boutiques, gadget markets and antique shops. Shopping at the Night Market on Temple Street is a great experience. 5.Nightlife: The nightlife in Hong Kong is legendary. You can sample a range of international beers and local brews in pubs across the city and dine in some swanky restaurants. The dinner cruises available here are bound to be one of the highlights of any of the Hong Kong Macau packages. Tsim Sha Tsui, Lan Kwai Fong and Wan Cha are the best locations in the city to enjoy its famous nightlife. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: