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51 "the Dragon lords" magic sword own endorsement perspiration comes down like raindrops goddess hero back in late October 31st 18, 404wan "Dragon Lord" – the first service officially launched! The endorsement by the red net beautiful Zi Xuan medieval fantasy masterpiece, set to double camp creative style, the first ATB game player battle mode, bring incomparable experience, while the game hundreds of heroes waiting for game player call, call your team feeling collocation, ATB mode and test of infinite zest strategy of battle mode, you can not miss the October 2016 classic magic! Join the 404wan Dragon Lord now and start the most exciting adventure! Goddess endorsement 404wan Dragon Lord today’s first line of service ATB play with you feel the most exciting fighting this year! Will turn the strategy and real-time combat operations and Shuangkuaigan perfect combination, so that every hero in the team become the embodiment of noninterference individual, through skills and to let you cast collocation team play one hundred percent combat. Forget the past round you to slow me to forget the whole battle, automatic hang up battle boring in the 404wna "Dragon Lord" ATB new play modes, coolest, most exciting fighting experience! At the same time put forward the sense of space setting in the game, let the game player who always pay attention to formation, will perfect your strategy into the game, here you belong to the legendary achievements! Goddess endorsement 404wan Dragon Lord today’s first line of clothing on the opposite set of two camps, choose your beliefs and fight for it! Shortly after entering the game, game player, you need to make one of the most important choice, is to join the Holy League or miracle tribe, the two camps are independent of the situation with the fire, choose a party means that the party will have in your life as an enemy! To join the camp, will be more out of tricks to play for the game player to unlock, you can fight the Lord’s position in the camp, more able to participate in the camp and camp reward, many game player together to fight for glory, a grand fantasy world waiting for you to conquer, in late October 31st 18, "dragon 404wan the" double shocked to open the first service, join here now, conquer the opponent on top of the world! Goddess endorsement 404wan Dragon Lord today’s first line of service ATB play mode, allowing you to play a two experience! Keep the round system irreplaceable strategic play, and joined the battle refreshing and smooth feel ATB, bring you the most Webpage Game good gameplay experience. The advantages of the two ways of fighting this is 404wan be made one, "the Dragon lords" of the world! At the same time, the game is more game player who provides hundreds of different styles of heroes to choose a variety of ways to activate your entourage, recruit your hero collocation of your team, conquer your opponent, with your strategy and strength, leave your mark in the 404wan "dragon" the strong clouds of the Lord world! Goddess endorsement 404wan Dragon Lord today’s first service line 20.相关的主题文章: