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The Cost Of An Engine Rebuild Vs. A New Vehicle. Posted By: Garyauto These days it seems like the trend is to run out and by a new car when you see the first signs of issues with your current car. According to the Engine Re-power Council (ERC) and the Car Care Council (CCC), that could be a costly trend in the long run. There are several factors to weigh. It may make more sense to your wallet if you simply perform a simple engine repair or even a major engine rebuild if all signs point to the engine and the rest of the car is in good condition. Consider the fact below: REBUILD ENGINE? Chances are when you start seeing engine problems that prompt an engine rebuild, your car is already paid off and your insurance rates are low. Those are two of the biggest month-to-month costs associated with a new car. A complete engine rebuild normally costs about 10% to 20% of the cost of a new car and comes with a one year warranty. The biggest con is the wait time you suffer from the moment you order to the installation and tune-in, which could be four to six months depending on what type of engine. BUY A NEW CAR?Engine Repair Grand Island NE Car Maintenance Grand Island NE Car Battery Grand Island NE Engine Repair Grand Island NE 3 Common Failures Leading To Engine Repair. Posted By: Garyauto The engine is the heart of the car, pumping air and fuel through its system. It converts air and fuel into rotary motion to turn the wheels. The air and fuel can become blocked so they cannot do their jobs. The result will be an urgent engine repair. Wise vehicle owners know that regular engine service and keeping up with any necessary minor engine repair will help prevent a major engine rebuild down the road. Do you know which three components of an engine are most likely to fail? Here is a brief description to help you understand a little more about engine repair: 1. Valve train: The valve train consists of valves, rocker arms, pushrods, lifters, and camshaft. Its job is to let air and fuel in and out of the engine at the proper time. The timing is controlled by the camshaft, which is synchronized to the crankshaft by a chain or belt. What wears out? Leaking valve seals will allow oil to seep into the combustion chamber, collecting there until you start your car, indicated by grayish/white smoke. It will burn away as you drive down the road. 2.Engine Repair Grand Island NE Automotive Service Grand Island NE Air Conditioning Repair Grand Island NE Engine Repair Grand Island NE Automotive Service Tips For Winter Driving! Posted By: Garyauto Automotive Service Grand Island NE Engine Repair Grand Island NE Brake Rotors Grand Island NE Automotive Service Grand Island NE Basic Auto Repair Saves Cash On Gas! Posted By: Garyauto With summer past, the price of gas and diesel has stabilized a little (until the next holiday that is). However, a lot of drivers find they need to tighten their belt and keep to their budget as they head back to school or work. The auto repair services and good-sense driving tips listed below will not only help you keep money in your wallet, but also help keep our environment clean. Here are a few auto repair tips to help you save dollars at the pump: *Replace air filters. A clogged air filter causes your engine to work harder and your vehicle to become less fuel efficient. *Be serious about auto repair. Follow the manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedule as your car’s performance depends on it. *Regular oil changes. Use the right oil with the proper oil viscosity. *Avoid idling. Turn the engine off if you have to sit more than a few minutes. *Watch the speed limit. Driving over 60mph uses more fuel. Use your cruise control on long stretches of road to maintain a steady speed and avoid unnecessary acceleration. *Use lower octane fuel if possible. Unless your car requires premium, save money by buying the lowest octane possible.Auto Repair Grand Island NE Engine Repair Grand Island NE Auto Repair Grand Island NE Engine Repair: Check Out These 3 Components! Posted By: Garyauto If you keep your vehicle long enough, it’s fairly certain that at some point in time, a major engine component will probably fail. To ensure your automobile continues to perform smoothly and efficiently over the long haul, make sure you have a regular engine service performed by a trained mechanic. The basic purpose of an engine is to convert air and fuel into rotary motion, turning the wheels of the car. But if the air or fuel become blocked, you will be headed for a complete engine rebuild to restore or replace the failing components. An engine service typically includes an inspection of the three vital components listed below: * Pistons: Most motors have 4, 6, or 8 pistons which move vertically within the cylinders. The pistons have rings that keep the oil free of fuel and air and keep it from entering the combustion chamber. When the rings wear out, oil can enter the combustion chamber. This causes a grayish/white smoke to be seen coming from the tailpipe as the oil burns. Worn out rings also allow fuel and air to leak into the oil, thereby diluting it and reducing its ability to lubricate the engine.Engine Repair Grand Island NE Engine Repair Grand Island NE 5 Ways To Prevent Rust With Vehicle Maintenance Tips! Posted By: Garyauto Vehicle Maintenance Grand Island NE Vehicle Maintenance Grand Island NE Engine Service 101: Can You Define Engine Rebuild? Posted By: Garyauto Engine Repair Grand Island NE Auto Repairs Grand Island NE Engine Repair Grand Island NE 相关的主题文章: