Zihan Chen Dai Xiangyu proposal video exposure warm and touching, so that netizens tears coreldraw快捷键大全

Zihan Chen Dai Xiangyu proposed video exposure heartwarming make netizen tears entertainment news in May 19th this year, the Tencent licensing married Dai Xiangyu Zihan Chen and his wife, recently announced that it will host the holy wedding in Spain and Barcelona in December 9th. Recently, micro-blog released two studio Zihan Chen proposal video, touching picture with simple touching words, make a lot of friends watching the tears, have lamented: langcainvmao, low-key warmth, joy and happiness forever." On the day of proposing, Dai Xiangyu held flowers and dropped to the scene. He said, "when we first met, you told me that every day we wanted to be a fairy tale."." The two sides in advance by Dai Xiangyu, close relatives and good friends also simultaneously appeared, in front of her friends and relatives, wearing Xiangyu on one knee and took out a ring to Chen Zihan. Cried Zihan Chen said: "when you see the person you love, silly, go to your efforts, you said in your heart, to do one, I see and I moved that he is his strength on the body. Zihan Chen, who had always wanted to be asked to marry in his life, smiled and wiped his tears and said, "I’ve been expecting an accident this time, but there’s no accident every day. It’s never been an accident." Dai Xiangyu said, "company is the most soulful confession", I am willing to use action to tell her, I love her very much. After this section of courtship video published on the Internet, but also let countless users see red eyes, have lamented: "I see crying, I hope I have this day."!" "It’s so warm, real, not artificial, this bowl of dog food I’ve done!" "Langcainvmao sweet low-key, wish you happy forever!"

陈紫函戴向宇求婚视频曝光 温馨感人令网友落泪 腾讯娱乐讯 于今年5月19日领证结婚的戴向宇陈紫函夫妇,日前宣布将于12月9号在西班牙巴塞罗那举办圣洁婚礼。近日陈紫函工作室微博发布两人的求婚视频,温馨感人的画面加上质朴动人的话语,令不少网友看完落泪,纷纷感叹:“郎才女貌、低调温馨,祝福永远快乐幸福。”求婚当日,戴向宇捧着鲜花天降现场,深情表白:“我们刚认识的时候,你就跟我说,希望我们每一天都是一个童话故事。”提前被戴向宇请来的双方至亲好友也同步现身,在亲友的见证下,戴向宇单膝跪地向陈紫函掏出了求婚戒指。哭得稀里哗啦的陈紫函坦言:“当你看到你心爱的人,傻傻的、努力的,去为了你把你说过的话都放在心上,去一一做到,我看到和我感动的其实是他身上的那股劲。一直希望在自己的人生中有被求婚的陈紫函边笑边擦眼泪地表示:“这段时间我都期待有意外,但每一天都没有意外,今天是真没想过有意外。”戴向宇则表示“陪伴就是最深情的告白”,自己愿意用行动去告诉她,我很爱她。这一段求婚视频在网络上公布后,也让无数网友看红了眼眶,纷纷感叹:“我都看哭了,好希望自己也有这么一天!”“好暖啊,真实不做作,这碗狗粮我干了!”“郎才女貌又温馨低调,祝福你们永远快乐幸福!”相关的主题文章: