Adidas online shopping 3 pairs of shoes to get a court in Wenzhou lost a company of $1 million 200 t helmet怎么读

Adidas online shopping 3 pairs of shoes get a court of Wenzhou, the company lost 1 million 200 thousand "double 11" is coming, the children’s class is preparing for the Tmall store small gold flagship store to get a bad news: they lost in the case of trademark infringement, compensation Adidas company 1 million 200 thousand yuan. In the case of the trial process, "the golden egg company argued that you are using the" four bars "and" clover "logo, and Adidas’s famous" three bars "and" clover "is different. But the trial of the court of justice in Wenzhou, Ouhai, do not think so. Infringing shoes sold 150 thousand pairs of Adidas claims $3 million last September, Adidas’s agent in Tmall "small golden egg flagship store" shop orders, bought a pair of shoes 3. Adidas believes that the 3 pair of shoes trademark infringement of the exclusive rights were three – three of the Adidas trademark, trademark and trademark slash three stripe trademark clover. In May 16th this year, Adidas took these 3 pairs of shoes, to the court of Ouhai, "small golden egg flagship store," the actual operator, Wenzhou small gold egg Trading Co., ltd.. Adidas said, according to the transaction records show that the huge sales of shoes involved, from the beginning of the first half of 2015, has sold more than 150 thousand pairs of infringing products, sales of more than $10 million. Adidas asked the other party to stop production, sale of products involved, and compensation for economic losses of 3 million yuan. Qianjiang Evening News reporter learned that the amount of compensation 3 million yuan, is currently the "trademark law" provisions of the trademark infringement indemnity limit. Small gold egg said he is four bars will not mislead consumers to sue, Adidas to the Ouhai court for property preservation and evidence preservation. Subsequently, the Ouhai court to freeze the little golden egg company 1 million 500 thousand yuan deposit accounts and Alipay balance of 1 million 500 thousand yuan, and go to the place of business of small gold company, seized the lawsuit of infringing products. In the course of the trial, the small golden eggs argued that their products involved in the sale of the logo, such as different from Adidas. The upper trademark, some are "four bars", some "clover". Small golden egg company official also said that Adidas search on the network, there will be no information about their company’s products, will not mislead consumers, so there is no violation of Adidas’s exclusive right to use the trademark. In addition, the company also said that the small golden eggs, because the presence of scalping and return of the situation, the number of sales and the amount of content is not consistent with the page display. The court to stop infringement small golden eggs 1 million 200 thousand yuan compensation for Adidas in Ouhai after the court that Adidas Chinese protected by law in Chinese Trademark Office registered trademarks, small companies use the golden eggs with similar Adidas registered trademark logo in the shoes, violated the Adidas trademark. In addition, the little golden egg company business model for online sales, involving consumers beyond the geographical restrictions, infringement continues for a long time, the alleged infringing goods sales of up to about one hundred thousand double. Ouhai court verdict: Wenzhou golden egg trade limited company to immediately stop the infringement, and compensation for economic losses of 1 million 200 thousand yuan Adidas Co. ltd.. The judge said the case has not been registered trademark.相关的主题文章: