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The Security Council agreed to sanctions: towards the export revenue is expected to cut $800 million – the Sohu News quoted the foreign Reuters in November 29th, according to the relevant person said, the UN Security Council is scheduled for 30 on the implementation of the new sanctions on North Korea to vote. The sanctions against North Korea’s fifth and most powerful nuclear test, is expected to reduce the country’s export revenue of about $800 million. According to South Korea, Chosun Ilbo reported on 28, the United Nations Security Council, the permanent members of the Council has reached a consensus on new sanctions against North Korea, five. Reported that "Wuchang" has reached a temporary agreement, and is scheduled to be held in closed door talks to start on 28 in the final say. Yonhap 28 also quoted sources as saying that the United Nations Security Council several "key members" have additional sanctions agreed. South Korea’s YTN television said the new sanctions on the DPRK’s main content for the total amount of coal exports to North Korea set up $400 million cap, or to reduce the annual North Korean coal export revenue of about $700 million. Yonhap said North Korea to ban the export of coal before the United States to the people’s livelihood, to plug loopholes in the sanctions against North Korea "". South Korean Unification Ministry spokesman Zheng Junxi 28 at the press conference did not make a specific explanation for the resolution of the DPRK, but said that if the Security Council adopted a new round of North Korea’s ruling motion, North Korea will be greatly affected. Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) reported that, after the fourth nuclear test in North Korea in January, the UN Security Council in March by sanctions, the old ban of 193 members of the United Nations, North Korea imported coal and iron ore, unless such a transaction is completely out of "the people’s livelihood", and not to bring North Korea to the nuclear program and missile plan revenue. In the upcoming new resolution on 30 votes will be capped for North Korea’s coal exports each year shall not exceed $400 million 900 thousand or 7 million 500 thousand tons, up to the two figure in the first reach, from the beginning of January 1, 2017. Reuters reported that North Korea since 2006 has been due to nuclear test and missile test by the United Nations sanctions. The country’s latest nuclear test in September 9th, the United States and China for more than two months of new sanctions. The draft text was sent to the 15 member states of the United Nations Security Council on 25. Question Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang 24 days to respond to the DPRK related resolutions that realize the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, preventing nuclear proliferation and maintaining peace and stability in Northeast Asia, by solving the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula peace dialogue and consultation is the firm position of the Chinese side. China supports the Security Council to further respond to the DPRK’s fifth nuclear test.相关的主题文章: