Army female commando parachute picture exposure km altitude – Sohu filed out of the Military Channel 魔界骑士イングリッド

Female army special forces parachute picture exposure: km altitude – Sohu filed out of Military Channel first: female commando parachute picture exposure [click the picture to the next page] for China female commando parachute picture. Recently, the army forty-second army brigade organization of more than 500 new and old commandos have launched a parachute jump training practice, each of them will be completed 2 height and 3 umbrella type and 5 waves of the training mission, of which more than 150 recruits and 12 female commandos, they are for the first time in the real jump. In an airport, just bright days, more than 500 commandos took parachuting gear drove into the training field. Each of them will complete 2 kinds of altitude, 3 types of umbrella and the training of the 5 wave of the task, of which more than 150 recruits and the team of the top 12 women, they are the first to participate in the actual jump. To ensure safety, the bailout, they will take the old and new ways, including the instructor, including 18 party members and cadres will be responsible for the training of the jumping task. They not only need to complete the first sortie real dance, but also in the parachute, keep operation, collect important parameters of wind direction and wind speed, lateral offset, route delivery points provide an important basis for the selection and correction. Due to the influence of the helicopter parachute by machine speed speed and propeller flow, opening time, easily lead to deformation and high altitude action paratroopers, thin air and ground wind instability, landing impact force, for new players, either skill or mental, is a huge challenge. At 9 in the morning, the women’s team members were boarded on a certain type of transport helicopter, flying to the scheduled airspace in 12. Ten minutes later, the helicopter arrived at the scheduled launch area. Off the signal, when the height has risen to 1000 meters, the air speed of up to 4 to 5 meters per second. In the engine room, the delivery staff carried out the last check before leaving. Although the heart nervous, but the women still smile thumbs up, encourage each other. Female commandos who heard the password filed out, hold the legs, bent down, take the forehead, body contraction, in an instant, blooming out of the sky in a beautiful blossoming flower. Pay attention to observe the left and right sides, at any time to observe the left and right sides, check their umbrella……" Under the guidance of the ground commander, female players calm and calm, and constantly adjust the landing position and glide direction, and ultimately safe and smooth landing area arrived. "If you don’t go skydiving, you will never find yourself in such a way that you can face up to the challenge with courage and calmness. From the beginning to be afraid to later not so afraid, although still nervous, but I can do better." The brigade platoon leader Yang Lini told reporters. It is understood that in the past more than a month, the players on the ground has a strict escape, manipulation, landing, folding umbrella, emergency disposal training, with the launch of parachute ability. According to the plan, the real jump after the end, they will be the night sky diving, helicopter landing and the armed wing of the umbrella point. Real jump training, comprehensive ability to perform troops training full time domain airborne operations. Page second: female special forces parachuting screen exposure [click on the picture to the next page] map for Chinese women.相关的主题文章: