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Expert: China or skip the direct development of steam ejection electromagnetic launch aircraft carrier – Military – People’s Liaoning ship training photo exposure. Beijing on 17 November, (Qiu Yue) recently, a number of media published by a group of Navy Liaoning ship training pictures, Liaoning ship fired red sea -10 short-range missile defense and type 1130 firing screen exposure. Some analysts believe that this means that the Liaoning ship near the defense system to receive a comprehensive test. Military experts said during an interview with CCTV, China’s navy has just enough aircraft and aircraft pilots, Liaoning ship will form the initial combat capability. The future China may cross a steam catapult aircraft carrier phase, direct the development of using electromagnetic catapult aircraft carrier. Liaoning warship formation combat capability of aircraft and aircraft pilots need enough in the aircraft carrier, aircraft carrier has many "escort" knife, including destroyers, frigates, submarines, helicopters and other equipment, these have a strong defense capability, why the carrier itself also need to install CIWS? Yin Zhuo said anti-ship missiles, especially supersonic anti-ship cruise anti-ship missiles, a great threat to surface ships. The aircraft carrier is very high, back playing area, if the war around the carrier ships were destroyed or defense failed to intercept the missile carrier has become a great target, it is necessary to install similar red sea -10 such close defense weapons to strengthen their defense. But the aircraft carrier does not need to install a large weapon, the aircraft’s regional air defense capabilities mainly by carrier aircraft and escort ships to provide. Not long ago, a Liaoning ship neatly arranged on the large number of fighters -15 aircraft photos aroused strong concern of friends, there are media reports that the Liaoning ship battle force rapid growth, is the formation of integrated combat capability. Military experts Cao Weidong said that although the initial positioning of the Liaoning ship is used for training and scientific experiments, but also to carry out combat training, I hope it has the ability to fight as soon as possible. Liaoning ship must have sufficient carrier and carrier based aircraft pilots, in order to say it has the ability to combat." In the past China did not have an aircraft carrier, so the task of training carrier based aircraft pilots is very heavy. Now the Liaoning ship to destroyers, frigates, and attack submarine and escort ships have, as long as the pilots of aircraft and aircraft to reach a certain number, Liaoning ship will form the initial operational capability. The ejection version annihilates -15 may have entered the practical stage of 9 days, the news that a carrier based fighter f -15 suspected in the first aircraft carrier catapult electromagnetic testing machine in our country on the completion of the catapult. Previously, the network also appeared on the suspected ejection version annihilates -15 photos, photos of the f -15 landing gear cylinder was bold, double front wheel installed in front of the ejection rod. Russian Defense Minister Shoigu, 15, said Russia’s "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier for the first time involved in air strikes in Syria. As a sister ship, Liaoning ship and the Russian "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier combat ability who is superior? Yin Zhuo said that if the news f -15 completed the first catapulted off the news is true, the fighters -15 you should not have a principle prototype, but the engineering prototype. From the online exposure launch version annihilates -15 photos)相关的主题文章: