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All rivers run into sea into its square meter factory ship Daewoo – Sohu home watch informative [Beijing] brand culture after the beginning of autumn, summer seems to has not ended, but sooner or later some heat. But more than 8 thousand kilometers away in Geneva has an invigorating autumn climate came near Geneva, visit Nio (Nyon) area of the Hublot factory, starting from the La Reserve Geneve at Hotel, about half an hour’s drive, finally set foot on this piece of land thecrush tab. As the only 36 years of history was born in 1980 in the Swiss top watch brand, Hublot development is very alarming. Until 2016, Hublot has a 50 person of about watchmaking technology team, the annual output of up to 42000 gold watches. And just unveiled in 2015, the second seat watch factory, watch factory and the old railway across the septum, connected by Hublot bridge. The new watch factory area of 8000 square meters, has 100 studios, can accommodate Hublot Swiss number of employees more than 400 people. The main production from the core and shell. CNC equipment, decoration, electroplating, general machinery, cleaning workshop, such as micro mechanical workshop, after-sales service center and some management departments have moved into the new factory building. After entering the new Hublot bridge, watch factory, building a ship table doll cow, visible, China people’s old friend — Diego Bailey "signature. The new factory time wall, telling every key moment Hublot from inception to date. The concept of "fusion" has been rooted in the concept of brand since 80s. When the "gold watchcase and rubber watchband deviant" combination, now has become a trend to adopt the brand. The two floor is the case and parts processing workshop, in order to achieve the desired precision parts and parts case using CNC CNC machine tool production, production control by computer. The blank is mounted on a movable tray CNC on NC machine tools (up to 30 to 49 pieces). The computer controlled machine tool will select a series of cutting tools from the spindle, and through the implementation of a complex process to produce case, motherboard, or other parts of the bridge splint. After the temperature monitoring of the oil so that all components remain cool, remove the waste in the process. "Hublot watchcase classic multilayer sandwich structure, different materials can be integrated into one. Each Hublot watchcase has the same eye-catching logo, including visible "H type screw", bezel and sculpture style case significant appearance. Hublot’s most recognizable case of modular components. Its advantage is that, if the case is damaged in the wear process, as long as the replacement of the damaged parts can ensure the original table of the original. The main board and so on are made of brass. And these brass parts after the completion of the nickel plating treatment, so that the material will be more stable, very strong antioxidant相关的主题文章: