Seven points of praise, punishment of three points, the child can be very rules – Sohu maternal and 巴雷特m82a1

Seven points of praise, the punishment of three points, the child can be very rules – Sohu mother and I found that in the education of children, we are really unlucky generation. When we were children, parenting theory is, what is the child’s fault. The child is disobedient; the child does not work hard; the child is mischievous; the child lies and cheats. 70 after 80, rarely heard not beaten children. It’s normal to pick up the butt. With a belt tied up, took a rolling pin wheel, even slapped, also have heard. I’ve been hit too. The most important time, is the five semester final exam, mathematics, 50 points. My mother held me, my dad, take the small piece of wood, crackling, accompanied me desperately howls, deep memory. My ass is not thick, swollen, then the beginning of a small rise, my math 96 points. Finally, it’s our turn to be parents. As a result, parenting becomes a matter of parents’ fault. Parents do not have the responsibility, not careful attention, there is no effective companionship, no parenting connotation, there is no economic ability to buy millions of school district room, did not earn a winner in life, you see people Wang Sicong. Reasonable sentence, closely reasoned and well argued, it really is such a thing. But how to listen, how sad, please allow me to go to the corner and cry for a while. I am an anxious mother, since there is a child, has been spontaneously conscious efforts to study hard. Read a lot of children’s education. It is positive encouragement, positive praise, hard to accompany; attached pictures, how to develop, how to reward, how to inspire, to positive guidance, but did not see the book, mention punishment, even mentioned, only is in the statement of malpractice. In a word, the basic theory of modern parenting is that children are all angels, and the angels must be the devil. Do you want to go to hell? If we say that our generation is scared, and now the child is coax big. The punishment has become a taboo topic, pathetic immersed in the shadow. Every child is a pet bear, an encyclopedic mind of the little emperor. Astronomical geography, English Ancient Chinese Literature Search, omniscient, but rude, selfish indifference, disregard of the rules. The parents completely reduced to work for the children of slaves, majestic sweeping, no control. Bring the child to participate in the audition, before classes, more than a dozen children running around the floor, raise a hue and cry. There is a six or seven year old boy, ran to the podium, while the bottom of his pants off his pants, so that we can see the small underwear inside. His mother sat watching him in the crowd, scraping his face with his fingers, saying shame. His actions were successful in attracting the attention of all the children. He pull your pants up and off and off three times. The child’s mother, has been sitting in the crowd, started by gesture of shame, then see no matter, simply turned to not see her son. As a mother, I understand, the mother is not to want to tube, tube. She more than anyone else to understand, if verbally stop on the spot, will be staged a farce how. When her son finally Lu相关的主题文章: