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Novice parents must know: vaccination taboos and attention – Sohu maternal vaccination, children rights, social responsibility! To say that the face of a just came to the world of angels, parents can hold up for the first TA health umbrella is a vaccine. From the birth of the baby, especially under the age of one year, almost every month need to play a variety of vaccines, many parents of the vaccine are being vaccinated, even potential concerns. So many bacteria into the baby’s body, there will be no adverse reactions? Can you make a vaccine when you are sick? What preparations should be made before vaccination? What should notice after inoculation? The pediatrician will come to you one by one and popularity! What preparations should be made before vaccination? What circumstances need to suspend vaccination? After vaccination precautions common vaccination reaction and treatment methods of local reaction: after the day of local red hot pain, usually 2-3 days of extinction. Systemic reactions: have a fever: a few people at elevated temperature 8-12 hours after vaccination, in general the following; 38.5° irritability, irritability, sleep is not practical; anorexia; diarrhea, vomiting; rash; lethargy. Treatment: 1, for the above reaction, whether local or systemic reactions, generally without the need for special treatment, pay attention to rest, more water, keep warm, prevent other diseases with 1-2 days, these reactions will automatically disappear. 2, fever 38.5° C, do not need to take medicine, physical cooling more water, pay attention to rest. 3, have a fever > 38.5° C, can take fever medicine, general 1-2 days to subside. 4, the whole body reaction is heavy, continuous fever for several days take medicine, in time to the hospital. And pediatric experts pointed out: 0~3 years of age is a critical period for children to grow, regular inspection and prevention of immunity is essential. And the hospital for different periods of infant comprehensive plan, the plan of immune type, parents can according to their own situation, choose different types of vaccine package plan, make the vaccine become healthy baby umbrella. Details can be consulted and 24 hours customer service hotline: 010-64990000.相关的主题文章: