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The apricot forest public test director: have a fever smart thermometer 01- Sohu, a mother to apply to participate in the test report from a pediatrician and mother of 2 point of view, this product really solves the trouble of temperature monitoring. My children especially rejection of the traditional thermometer, mercury thermometer and other relative no clip; instant thermometer can be used to monitor the temperature change and transmitted to the mobile phone, parents can remote monitoring of children, rest assured. I think your products will gradually replace the traditional thermometer, the price can be more close to the people. Two, have a fever appearance and accessories three, director of the installation and use of step 1, replace the battery installation process experience: simple and convenient, direct pull power to open the battery compartment membrane, discard power film opened, with open the battery cover tool insert, rotate clockwise to open the battery compartment labeled points can be, the battery in the battery box. Counter clockwise locking battery compartment; 2, software to download and install: scan code to access "have a fever director" official download center download, "have a fever director" software; establish a connection: open the receiving device and open the Bluetooth devices to connect to the network, to ensure that the acceptance, long press button thermometer, boot (longer than 2 seconds, LED light flashes show boot success). 3, start the "fever director" software, registered account and login; according to the software interface, click on the connection device". In the pop-up list, select the corresponding thermometer (its serial number will appear), waiting for synchronization data, the current temperature will be displayed in the fever director software. Hardware description of the use of the environment: the use of more convenient, operable, accurate measurement data, simultaneous measurement of axillary temperature difference of 0.6 degrees C. Four, product testing experience 1, compact and lightweight. 2, continuous monitoring, wireless synchronization, intelligent alarm, medication reminder. 3, click on the ice medication, will record the corresponding time node, easy to view a long time interval. 4, can increase the family member account, separate record personal situation. 5, calendar broken line chart records in detail, very intuitive 6, medication reminder function, you can set the alarm clock. 7, the main interface of the following one: "have a fever treatment recommendations, disposal principle after opening will be the children’s Hospital of Boston, for the parents is very practical; can also draw the temperature map, a hospital temperature graph should be detailed, we can easily determine the type of heat, assist in the diagnosis of. Five, summary is the first cause of fever in outpatient department of Pediatrics in our hospital, I believe this software in the pediatric public test of third apricot trees have a fever smart thermometer test officer director Cao Yu used more and better, including body temperature monitoring and temperature monitoring in families of children with children, this will also reduce the workload of nurses, will replace the traditional thermometer.相关的主题文章: