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Two Hangzhou Nuevo Hotel, a container, a sitting on the most beautiful lake tourism Sohu early, I arrange a trip to 24 hours of city tour: two hours in advance to work, take a taxi to the Silk Museum, in the lotus peak on the only and famous green travel. The next morning, climb the jade mountain overlooking the gossip Tian, down after breakfast go to work. This is a low cost and high return of the empty trip, the public is also popular. Just as the old growth, CYTS hardware has been unable to attract me to continue this short trip. Until West Lake Lu Yi opened. West Lake Lu Yi The Inn Boutique I still follow the routine, before 5 in the afternoon to the Silk Museum, GUI Xiang Qin people. Also because of the G20 and the market for the hands of the pursuit, exhibitions and collections have been given a more practical significance. Across the street is the West Lake Lu yi. One year ago, I heard that the famous designer Chen Yiwen and hotel experts, Zhou Hui, Michael to do a container Hotel, we are curious what would be a ghost. Now, finally have to see. 23 cocooning · micro series have hidden container storage mode embodies the hotel, a combination between the bathroom and room, the aircraft fuselage material to create a framework for the spare room, one side, one side is the mini bar. The advantage of this kind of container is to be sent to the hotel after the assembly of the factory, save time and effort, there will be no room smell. Room five Jin Shu courtyard others have a window room, rolled up curtain suddenly there is a hidden but beautiful spot outdoor courtyard, a small courtyard style residential roof with connected rooms, Japan made bonsai gardeners moss wall and jade road winding connected. The rain from all sides into the small courtyard, in the "four water go together". The room is not large, the details are in place, such as burning kettle and tea storage in one design, ornamental and shopping in one of the television network system, the synthesis of plug-in concept of space, namely the design of indoor outdoor windows, are high space cost not to give up trying to live quality. Since the body is in the big environment of the silk town, unconsciously theme first, looking for traces of silk. Wisdom is wrong. The largest silk theme in blowing on the wall, but for non professionals who did not recognize. This is called "plate" side walls, exudes the flavor of the kraft paper with time hole shapes and sizes, each hole corresponding to the position of the silk textile. If in the real silk, the surface area of about sixty square plate final size is just a real card. Come back to look at the entrance, the lotus is handmade silk works, stem long legs "; the meaning is like a cocoon, two months spent by the Quzhou manual preparation of an old craftsman; wall is silk plate machine parts, through the dim light; into the client area of the oil painting exudes metal and the Pearl like luster, from the highest level of silk satin. All this is said to be the designer of the implicit Zoupian Jian Feng: do you want me to do with "silk" proposition, I’m back from the root of silk culture. And silk tea相关的主题文章: