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Analysis of the report made five recommendations – status China FTA development report zhongxinwangzhongxinwang in Beijing in August 30, 30 released in Beijing pointed out that Chinese FTA (FTA) construction achieved positive results, but there are still some problems such as a small amount of economic trade partners. In this regard, the report put forward five proposals to promote the construction of China’s fta. In August 30th, Chinese co sponsored by the Academy of Social Sciences Institute of finance, Chinese tehua post doctoral scientific research workstation and social science literature press the "Blue Book: China FTA FTA development report (2016)" conference held in Beijing. The report notes that China’s FTA construction achieved positive results, the initial formation of the surrounding countries and regions based FTA network, but there are some problems. Specifically, the conflict of interests between Chinese FTA trading partners economic volume is small, closely with FTA partners and open trade relations of Business Co., can not fully adapt to the TPP as the representative of the free trade area of the Asia Pacific region, the rules of many countries obviously. To this end, the report put forward to promote the construction of China’s free trade zone five policy recommendations. First, do a good job of top-down and bottom-up reform of the convergence. Accelerate the construction of China ASEAN Free Trade Area, to "The Belt and Road" construction with the combination of. The two is to make the construction of China ASEAN Free Trade Area and the domestic free trade zone (FTZ) construction combine to form two echoes the "double structure" open system, the formation of a new situation to promote reform and development. Three is to deal with the reform of the various FTA reform in China’s overall positioning. On the one hand, the reform of the free trade zone should be subordinated to the overall direction of reform; on the other hand, the policy design of free trade zone needs to be copied, can use as an important criteria, focusing on institutional adjustment, management process reengineering, pattern discovery and mechanism innovation. The four is to straighten out the primary and secondary relations between the development of real estate and financial innovation fta. FTA financial innovation starting point and foothold is the service of the real economy, trade and investment services fta. Five is to grasp the difference and contact between the various fta. Combined with their respective geographical advantages, to develop their priorities and direction of development. At the same time, they should also learn from each other’s trade zone, learn from and copy the promotion of other FTA reform measures, so as to accumulate experience in the next nationwide promotion. (end)相关的主题文章: