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Verizon buy Socialradar MapQuest enhanced local information technology – Sohu [Technews] Verizon science news to strengthen its map division MapQuest data acquisition of SocialRadar, a better map data more precise, provide better navigation application experience. Although MapQuest is no longer a reference site for Americans to drive out, the results of the navigation. But MapQuest’s B2B business is doing well, and the site is still there. SocialRadarr will provide MapQuest map data better, like the building where the door is open, lest navigation nowadays the wrong place, went to the warehouse this side instead of building Front Gate. SocialRadar on the street photos, some human reaction, algorithm and private, construction of map data more precise, can be used in more precise navigation above. Michael Chasen founded SocialRadar, unwilling to disclose how much the amount of mergers and acquisitions. Previously SocialRadar has a $125 million investment in the A round. Currently SocialRadar has 6 employees, will be transferred to the Verizon. Previously SocialRadar has been working closely with Verizon, talked about the business related to the license, but eventually evolved into the acquisition. Related links for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章: