Love warm heart – red winter show canteen gluten &ampamp – Sohu and Pomfret gold sauerkraut 残清1864

[love] winter warm heart – canteen show red gluten & amp; Pomfret Sohu and sauerkraut gold [love] winter warm heart – canteen show red gold Pomfret & gluten; pickled red, is made in a slightly higher than room temperature. For pickled ginger acid, radish acid, can also be used for homemade cooking, red let people drool with envy, fragrance gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind, after eating the red are mostly used in food should lead a person to endless aftertastes, let’s try to produce gluten nature Guawei, red sugar blessing flavor, red Sihuo has little fish, lees fragrance penetrating gluten, fragrant but not intoxicating, come out to mix a familiar face red material cutting knife block gluten gluten?, red pepper and sugar, salt, onion, green pepper, pickled practice gluten, pan fry saute shallots, green peppers into high gluten, soy sauce, fry tasty pickled @@@@@@@@@ gold golden pomfret meat than Pomfret brachypomum slightly hard, without spines, are children and elders love, pan fried, pickled cabbage burned into salty Eat good incense material gold Pomfret, pickled onions, ginger (Shantou pickled cabbage) practice gold Pomfret clean wok fried incense, cut? Sauerkraut, water, cook until the sauce相关的主题文章: