Mid Autumn Festival to eat moon cake cattle first earned a sum of moon cake coupons – Sohu news 法拉利599gto

The night of the mid autumn moon cake "cattle" first moon cake coupons made a fortune – Sohu news "buy coupons, which one?" a few days before the Mid Autumn Festival in Beijing, some well-known brands of moon cake in front of the store, there are many carrying the bag, holding a bunch of price is not a moon cake coupons "yellow cattle," the sight of pedestrians near, began to sell. Case No. 37 (zhonganzu37) on the eve of the Mid Autumn Festival survey found that the original is only the customer in the moon cake merchants or manufacturers to take delivery of vouchers moon cake coupons, in the hands of cattle, was excavated another value. In some reselling moon cake coupons cattle hands, best-selling Haagen Dazs, Starbucks and other well-known brands of moon cake coupons, each can receive one hundred yuan price difference, insiders said that part of the moon cake dealers and manufacturers born by the cattle scalping profit from. In addition the squad number 37 officers also found that consumers with coupons in some businesses at the delivery is difficult, some moon cake shop made it clear that the store stock is sold out, unable to deliver coupons. Lawyers said the moon cake coupons due to business reasons can not be honored, consumers can be held liable for breach of contract. In September 14th, Chongwenmen Guorui Haagen Dazs, "cattle" (left) hand moon cake coupons, sell to customers. Beijing News reporter road photo Chongwenmen Guorui Haagen Dazs store, four cattle carrying mooncakes? Stand, if someone is after or in the shop, they would come to sell their mooncakes?. Beijing News reporter road by reselling moon cake coupons "cattle" make the difference "to buy moon cake coupons, super cheap……" In September 12th, Hualian Wanliu "Haagen Dazs" delivery point, saw someone coming, cattle who came to sell moon cake coupons. In addition to the sale, these cattle also buy moon cake coupons. Chongwenmen Guorui Haagen door, also reselling moon cake coupons cattle figure. Case No. 37 (zhonganzu37) found that most of them are about half off of the price of the acquisition of moon cake coupons, sold at around $thirty percent off. The value of 288 yuan of moon cake coupons, they to the price of $100 recycling, to sell the price of 200 yuan. Although the selling price of the moon cake is low, but is guaranteed to mention the goods to pay". "Cattle" Li said that most of their moon cake coupons are acquired from the Internet or in the hands of individuals, most of the purchase price in 4, about 50 percent off. Buy up, 30 percent off will be sold online or in each moon cake delivery point. "Business is not so good, the price is very low, very few people buy." Xiao Li worried that the hands of the moon cake coupons later more worthless. A cattle to the homicide detective show a variety of Haagen Dazs hand 37 moon cake coupons, from 268 yuan to 888 yuan Goods are available in all varieties.. The ox said, "what kind of coupons do you want? I can give you cheap." Agents said he wanted 658 yuan moon cake coupons, he said that can be sold for $650. In addition, the presence of cattle also said not only to sell, you can also recycle. The cattle revealed that a more than and 400 month limit of Starbucks相关的主题文章: