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This is the only villa Longhu exit · the source of the Great Wall growth in mountains and rivers in the Great Wall, in the hearts of the immortal China totem Millennium stands today over the Great Wall, China is one of the most famous cultural symbols. The essence of the the Great Wall the Great Wall at Simatai, built from the Hongwu years, after the rise and fall of the two emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, has now become the world’s cultural treasures, the world 25 can not miss the first. See the thousands of years of vicissitudes of the Simatai the Great Wall, becomes thick and wise, overlooking the bustling capital, at Panlongshan, Wohu Hill scenery, hermit in the wild, quiet and dignified. Gubei Town, North Wuzhen South River scenery reproduction if Beijing’s magnificent in the Mu mid levels, then Beijing’s soft in Gubei town at the foot of the Great Wall simatai. The beautiful south water town and the atmosphere of the Great Wall in this encounter, is tantamount to no eternal life picture, mountain water soft, it is not like the Jiangnan Jiangnan. The amount of current year welcoming Gubei town of about 2 million people, the total, age, family structure can holiday destination, scarce resources can not be replaced. Water town, monthly income even beyond Wuzhen, every day with passengers in a continuous line. The Great Wall, the ancient town of Longhu, the source of the Great Wall Longhu · · source of the Great Wall is the dragon is a dragon shaped trend, terrain, two new [] in the mid levels villa leading position, Sheung Shui, good feng shui, Yuanshanjinshui panoramic view. Exquisite style of the Ming and Qing Dynasty and the Republic of the mountain courtyard building, reproduction simple, elegant, picturesque Southern Water life. The Great Wall winwinmax spreading eyes, while the foot is million in water, have the Gubei town north of Wuzhen said the residence of Longhu · the source of the Great Wall, every home is on vacation. Longhu · source of the Great Wall [] a new mid levels villa 750 thousand, hot hot. All seats only, want to purchase as soon as possible, and to the the Great Wall the opportunity not to be missed. Advisory Tel: 400-819-1111 to 610788相关的主题文章: