Xiamen subway station renovation program for the first time exposure! Let you preview 特命战队go busters

Xiamen subway station renovation program for the first time exposure! Let you preview Xiamen one of the most concerned about the topic these days: subway blockbuster news! Today, Xiamen Metro Line 1 Station decoration design exposure! The day before the first subway line 1 line subway vehicle is the first vehicle body! Good news too much, renderings we a view of a wave of subway line 1 station lets you preview! The station decoration design of Xiamen Metro Line 1 project design theme: "Dacuo welcome" style: concise, elegant color, texture light penetration, regional performance practices: extraction of traditional cultural symbols, and modern industrial materials and forms of expression combined with design principles: first scene design goals: to the subway operation function first, through the integration of design and construction of space, with a durable, beautiful appearance, convenient maintenance, economic and environmental protection decorative materials, public space station to create efficient fast, low-key and restrained, cozy and classic. Xiamen subway station design 3 words 1, Fujian Dacuo Xiamen Metro Line 1 passes through the old city, new city and Jimei Jiageng style protection zone, architectural elements and distinctive cultural symbols. CuO is the southern region unique architectural form, the subway decoration Taiwanese ancient buildings refined symbol of CuO architectural symbols, with modern design techniques to Fujian Gu CuO "double beam structure, applied to the public area of the station ceiling molding, and station decoration design unique architectural style in the Minnan architectural language through in Xiamen Metro Line 1 line, enhance the overall height of the space and texture, enrich the space station level, highlighting the theme of all decoration style, originally suppressed the underground station space to create a comfortable and full of regional characteristics of architecture space. 2, a line of landscape design, adhering to the "first king" principle, a general integrated station across the board, the key difference between the spatial pattern of the building stood on top of the "design philosophy, systematic, standardized, modular, industrialization, the formation of Xiamen Metro Line 1 strong decorative style and visual memory. 3, brick red color space, from Xiamen Metro Line 1 of the decoration color from Fujian Gu CuO unique brick red in colour is applied to the cylindrical wall, color system, emphasizing the Fujian Gu CuO color memory. In simple and change, in contrast to the harmony, and thick in pale, elegant, bright colors to create environment. At the same time, the color of the decoration also echoes the orange red line oriented color, once again enhanced the perception of passengers on the line 1. Learn the story behind Xiamen, set the plan in May 2015, Xiamen Rail Transit Line No. 1 public area decoration design after the start, Xiamen rail group overall decoration design of Guangzhou Metro Units Design Institute Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Guangzhou Institute) study on domestic and international rail traffic trends and decoration style, absorb the advanced rail traffic renovation experience in Guangzhou hospital, put forward from the rail transit network, with lines in the uniform decoration style, theme explore and overall design ideas of regional culture; also stressed the integration design and architectural space, the design scheme can meet the basic function of the height of metro public transport, and has the connotation of throughout the full range of traditional culture. In order to give the public the most comfortable;相关的主题文章: