The wisdom of life and walk off home collection of strong · the Fuxue

The wisdom of life and walk off home collection of strong · the North Fifth and Silicon Valley Fuxue heights! The past two years, five line plots hot shot record highs, and close the North Ring regional advantages, and with the north along the ring of residential land becomes scarce, straight-thru soaring land value. A country, a city, rolling forward history can not be separated from the creation of innovation. The United States of San Francisco "Silicon Valley", "Silicon Valley", India Bangalore Germany Munich "Silicon Valley", which is not only a regional center, is not only a hot city, more show a new vitality. As China’s Silicon Valley, the first science and Technology Innovation Park, Zhongguancun by the ring of the capital economic circle of favorable policies, as well as the introduction of Beijing, Beijing, TBD planning, north to develop, build a grand blueprint for the big and medium. In recent years, large and medium-sized closed traffic the advantage is obvious; many municipal trunk road to Beijing Tibet expressway, Beijing six ring road, North Road, South Valley Chang speed loop in the region arranged in a crisscross pattern has been opened; the Metro Line 8, line 13 for half an hour the capital economic circle "to call out. These traffic initiatives to the rapid rise of the plate in the high speed placement of the engine. —————————————————— and closed strong · the Fuxue (market information) preferred! Strong · the large and medium-sized Fuxue through hand off life circle, and bustling bright, business, shopping, entertainment, leisure, luxury is still supporting. The Cuiwei department stores as a leader, to Starbucks, pizza hut, Yoshinoya, Nike, Columbia, Watsons and other international well-known restaurants are as the main force, strong · Fuxue the theme commercial street to gather a bank, convenience stores, pharmacies, clothing stores, infants and young children’s education trusteeship, laundry, housekeeping, fitness and other forms of business, for nearby residents to provide comprehensive and rich life service. The project is 1 km to the west, a building area of 200 thousand square meters of Huarun colorful city shopping center, brought together nearly 300 well-known international brands (H& M, GUESS, GAP, TOMMY, HLIFIGER, Starbucks, Meizhou Dongpo, sea fishing, grandma, too no two, right Jincheng, Jia Baobei, Li Markor, swimming hall YUYUTO), shopping, dining, entertainment, leisure, sports, children’s puzzle six themes in one, this area has become the landmark commercial flagship. Strong · the Fuxue bit according to the Olympic Forest Park West, South Qinghe North West, rolling the Xishan, the Summer Palace, and Old Summer Palace. Surrounded by five Park, Zhongguancun Forest Park Park, Baiwangshan Forest Park, Dongsheng eight country park, East Forest Park around, is near the gurgling Qinghe waterfront, watching birds landing maneuver back Xishan long pulse, breathing moist heart lung Shu mian. Strong · the Fuxue within 3 km of education resources, municipal and district level schools gathered. High school: 101 Middle school!相关的主题文章: