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North Burma: another war with hundreds of refugees in China lent farmers Sohu news 20 am, Burma Kia, Deang National Liberation Army and MDNA etc. several local ethnic armed attacks on the nearby area and sister Shan serving as Muse 105 yards at the military, police and Trade Zone whistle. Today is the third day of clashes, upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter came to the office is located in Yunnan Dehong Mans Mans Sea town of difficult private interview, let more people see the war, life status of refugees. The 46 year old North Burma farmers with more than and 100 refugees came to Chinese wore a cowboy hat in Baoshan, sitting in a place where the Yunnan Mans Mans Sea town, where he and many refugees temporary residence. Three days ago (20) afternoon, Baoshan with more than and 100 people, with a pots and pans and other supplies, to China within half an hour away from the border. He said Baoshan is a part of the farmers, due to the war in northern Burma again, "everyone scared to run China, feel quite safe here." Upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter Yu Shan town, a refugee resettlement site to see, these Chinese civil disaster relief tents are available to these refugees. A refugee sitting on the ground, looking across the river in a daze, he said his home on the other side of the river. The children in the side of naive play, many parents at the opposite mountain under the buildings pointing — where is their home. But these days, the burning flames of war in their homeland, "in the morning, bombers, helicopters, artillery, ringing, everyone in the river side." There are three children in Baoshan, he pointed to the youngest child of only one year old, said that no one had ever been a soldier of their family, and never thought of their homes were burning flames of war. Baoshan’s women and other women fleeing with around eating dinner in the broad courtyard with the child, a few dishes such as simple pickles, lettuce silk, a basket beside them, also contained several dishes and rice in the basin. "I heard that the war, the soldiers came, we began to run, with so many things, there is a little rice". A refugee said panic could not cover up their inner fears. In winter the mongkoe river is not wide, only 10 meters, is not deep. Many refugees are coming through the river flowing in the border crossing. Baoshan said he was through the river, with more than and 100 people came to China, we need to be safe, until the entry into the territory of China, we feel the sureness." The refugees listened to the guns and looked across the house". After dinner, Kong Enkong went to the Baoshan border Chinese their place of living, the 49 year old man pointed across Jingpo said, these days of war, the rumble of guns, and makes us worry, fortunately no one here by a stray bullet injured. Kong Enkong believes that the refugees who came to China are "their own". "The Chinese government is very concerned about the refugees, providing them with food, shelter, and everything is well placed. Like we’re here.相关的主题文章: