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"Mrs. Yan Ni hit" long live is actually a piece of hand – senior entertainment Sohu "long live the wife" as Yan Ni Ye Shuxin Sohu entertainment news recently, by Yan Ni, starring Xu Yajun, Morni Chang, Ziqi Zhao, Liu Lili co starred in the TV series "wife" is long live in the Anhui satellite TV, Tianjin satellite TV, and with the plot lines and harvest a lot of praise. Yan Ni in the play is the second hand piece senior sparkling discourse, and created a lot of wonderful plot. Netizens praised as in listening to talk, very enjoyable, have "eloquence manual point praise leaves comfort". Who says women are inferior to men? Yan Ni first expressed dissatisfaction with the "long live the wife," Yan Ni, played by the mouth of the gun skills of the full range of. About the piece, got the pot soup, Hold help tame husband, boss. A recent broadcast of the plot, leaf comfortable (Yan Ni) for a period of three months of training at the school every day, go to school, work, housework, busy is back. So to my boss Lu Fen (Yuan Wenkang ornaments) Tucao wanted to be a man: "do not cause men to family is great, the woman to do so is the treason and heresy". Users have praised "sentence poke center sound". Lu Fen distressed feeling of comfort is extremely: a lot of people think that time is like a career line squeeze can have, but squeezed out of the cause of the who who knows". Suggesting comfortable family career difficult to take into account, not reluctantly. It can be comfortable pleaded: "since a child I became a woman man, the man is not beat a retreat". Cited many users and hot mom said, with the baby is not easy, and with and cherish". Xu Yajun begged Yan Ni quickly with baby heart collapse "home" Ye Shuxin business school training class for a month, the size of home chores are to fall on Zhao Tan (Xu Yajun ornaments) body. When the pipes leak seriously delayed the work, Zhao Tan finally know what is a "domestic idiot", did not expect family work so hard, praised his wife is "Butler": "the housework not to spend money to hire a aunt can fix the. Spend more money will not be full of emotion to help with the housework, only you are the most suitable". However, Yan Ni refused to "go home": "I never took you to others, you also don’t take me with others"; "Different people have different aspirations., radish leaves"; "let a person does not love to stay in their own position, is a very cruel thing". Two people late night talks caused many users to resonate, let the wife who can not help but applaud "heaven, earth, Yan Ni for me this tone"; male compatriots also realize the importance of "the wife in the family, must help wife to share housework", "wife, housekeeper is not easy". "Comfortable" couples the perfect interpretation of the marriage is an art of compromise, both sides need to think, make a step. "Long live" by Mrs. Beijing Runde Tong culture media Limited by Share Ltd, Zhejiang Dongyang time story Television Productions Ltd, as a satellite media Limited by Share Ltd jointly produced, produced by Wang Qian and Wang Yifei, director Shen Yan, director Liu Haibo, screenwriter Chen Yan, producer Liu Bin, total issuer Huaping joint.相关的主题文章: