Can’t grab 120 tickets for Ang Lee’s new movie Ordinary version can also see Beyonce-wegener肉芽肿

Can’t grab 120 tickets for Ang Lee’s new movie? The ordinary version can also see Beyonce Tencent (the Chen Silang entertainment Zhuangao) "Billy · Lynn’s midfield war" which of course is not really Beyoncé. However, the film tells the story of the 2004 NFL (NFL) Thanksgiving game halftime show, there is Beyoncé more precisely, is a combination of Destiny s Child where she had "(Mrs.right). In the movie on the show as the story background, I immediately found the performance of the original video: like the movie, "Destiny s Child three personal hair is loose, the drum corps contained a row of soldiers served in a war, but not Billy & middot; Lynn walk alone under the stage of the plot, but not his face close-up. 2004 NFL Thanksgiving Destiny’s Child midfield performances for a second I thought he was real. However, all the conditions are true story: 2004 is the United States in the Iraq war quagmire of the year, is a presidential election year. In the movie the story time is Thanksgiving Day in November 25th, after George W. Bush won re-election for two weeks; locations in Texas, the hometown of Bush, south of voting Republican (the year George W. Bush here more than 60% of votes). At that time and place, "Billy ·, Lynn and his B brothers" as the representative of the bowl of patriotic bowl of chicken soup to feed the TV before the hundreds of millions of people, can not be more reasonable. Well, this is not a film review, nor an article on the 120 frame 4K 3D paste technology, we focus on to talk about the movie and fake Beyoncé fake Kelly, fake Michelle (the other two members of Destiny ‘s Child). Who are they? Beyoncé needless to say: pop superstar, the mysterious organization forced shield Bureau, the future of the American female president…… But in a long time ago, she was from Dezhou Houston love to sing (and a little love affairs) Southern girl, 9 years old and my cousin Kelly and the other two shows together, almost ten years after the name of Destiny ‘s Child really mixed out of tricks. Beyoncé (far right) and cousin Kelly (lower) is a lot of Destiny’s Child first generation members about the combination of the rumors, because the middle experienced sisters, members and members accused of tearing out brokers (Beyoncé father) and a series of drama, omit all the details, you need to know is: 1 Beyoncé Kelly, and was later in the Michelle is the combination of the peak period, the best known (i.e. the movie lineup); 2.相关的主题文章: