Chongqing Tongliang for the global Chinese painting collection nostalgia – in Beijing-sql2005安装图解

Chongqing Tongliang for the global Chinese collection "nostalgia" paintings – Beijing, Beijing, Chongqing, November 14 (Zhong Yi) 14 reporters from the Tongliang CPC Chongqing municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department was informed that from now until January 15, 2017, Tongliang officially launched China live nostalgia painting contest?. The contest organizers will open call for the global Chinese expression "nostalgia" paintings, which were picked up the brush to describe the global Chinese heart "nostalgia". "Nostalgia, carrying the memories of childhood in men. We look forward to the painting competition in the form of overseas Chinese and describe the minds of the home, to express their feelings of homesickness." The contest organizers, the home city of Tongliang District Management Committee relevant responsible person said, the Chinese painting contest? Live nostalgia competitions will be held in more than 1500 years of history "Chinese historical and cultural town of Tongliang city housing in late January 2017. Live in the ancient city is a city of two rivers converge into the Millennium City, shirakabe tiles ninth house eighteen temples hidden in the depth of the road winding alleys, glazed brick in the courtyard full of antiquity. The responsible person said, "the painting competition, the majority of the Chinese people to express their homesickness pen parting, show affection home." According to reports, the contest paintings need to "nostalgia" as the theme, type, size is not limited, a total of 13 awards, gold medal winner will receive a prize of 50 thousand yuan. Participate in the activities of the registration, applicants will be painting the electronic version of HD photos and personal information (including name, age, contact), introduction (including work size) in an e-mail to the mail application anjuhuodong@sina, and indicate the "nostalgia painting contest" in the name of the mail.相关的主题文章: