Japan’s most active volcano will erupt within 30 years from the nuclear power plant, 49 km – China N-爱多vcd

Japan’s most active volcano eruption in 30 years will be 49 km away from nuclear power plants – Beijing, Beijing, September 15, according to foreign media reported on 14, the University of Bristol researchers say in Kyushu Sakurajima volcano "more and more threat". The distance from the volcano in Sichuan (Sendai) nuclear power plant is about 49 kilometers, with a population of about 600000 from the nearby city of Kagoshima is also not far. After studying the accumulation of magma in the Sakurajima volcano, scientists say one of the most active volcanoes in Japan will erupt in the next 30 years. Sakurajima volcano last erupted in 1914, killing 58 people. Sakurajima volcano eruption every year, the latest one is in February this year. The Japanese islands in the Pacific "ring volcano", there are more than and 100 volcano. At present, Japan’s volcanic warning system is closely watching the 5 warning level reached the level of the two volcanic, one of which is the Sakurajima volcano. A 3 warning means people are warned not to come near. The University of Bristol and the Sakurajima volcano research center jointly conducted the research, and published a report on Tuesday.相关的主题文章: