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The only Russian aircraft carrier to the Middle East Road of smoky coal burning vessel being laughed at is " " data figure: the British Navy warships shooting "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier fleet exercises off the coast of Norway. Original title: Russia is the only carrier to the Middle East Road of smoky coal burning vessel being laughed at is " " Reference News Network October 24 foreign media reported that the departure from the northern Murmansk port large attack fleet of Russian "admiral Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier, a week ago, the carrier from the coast of Norway via Beihai to the English channel a road full of black smoke spewing sailing photos and video caused a heated discussion on social media in russia. People laughed at the old aircraft carrier ship as 100 years ago burning coal. According to voice of America radio website reported on October 23rd, many netizens said, "admiral Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier boiler way out of the smoke that a satellite in space at a glance, NATO does not need radar can be found in the Russian fleet, as can be tens of kilometers away to see black smoke, do not need to be equipped with Russian fighters navigation device can return. Russian aircraft carrier formation in this trip to Syria is considered to be a powerful military display of russia. But many of the comments to the Russian aircraft carrier to the Russian Navy ironclads. Many people put the Russian aircraft carrier fleet of Russia and spewing smoke photos after said, the Russian Navy did not change much after death. The former Russian Deputy Prime Minister and state assets committee chairman Koch in 1905 to the Far East in the Russo Japanese War of the Russian fleet photos on the Internet said, tsarist Russia had a fantasy play a pretty quick decision, history seems to be repeating itself: the same black smoke; is the same across the English Channel; the same is full of war belligerent tone show of force. Then later in the battle of Tsushima, Japan’s naval fleet of Russia was almost completely wiped out. Other netizens commented that although Russia is currently allocated large sums of money used in the military field, but Russia is not money to build a new large warships. Many have been involved in the military projects of Putin’s friends put into their own pockets, Russia in this rusty Navy against NATO makes people funny. Before the start of the engine, the Russian aircraft carrier has been in repair this year, and plans to complete the task after the first overhaul in Syria. Ukraine media said, "the design of Kuznetsov aircraft carrier originally exist congenitally deficient. The eve of the Soviet Union, the Russian aircraft carrier completed ranging from southern Ukraine nicholass shipyard took the carrier. Over the past 20 years, the aircraft carrier in the use of the problem continues, a large part of the time is parked in the harbor maintenance, not much time at sea. Reported that the Russian aircraft carrier’s biggest problem is that the engine is often out of order. The Russian navy ships equipped with large tug. A navy officer who served 10 years ago on the aircraft carrier said that the modern ship navigation only emit very light smoke, the aircraft carrier black smoke billowing engine that is in a bad state of work. "Admiral Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier in order to maintain the same speed with other warships in the formation, the engine’s work may have reached the limit, as the age of the"相关的主题文章: