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Two departments issued a document to restore U.S. beef exports to China – Sohu news U.S. beef will return to the Chinese table. In September 22nd, the Ministry of agriculture and the State Administration of Quality Supervision issued a notice saying, allows the United States to meet the requirements of traceability system and inspection and quarantine requirements of U.S. beef exports to china." The announcement, according to the results of risk assessment, from the date of the announcement, there are conditions for lifting the Ministry of agriculture, CIQ Notice 2001 No. 143rd for 30 months following the United States, boneless beef bone in beef ban, allowed to meet the requirements of Chinese traceability system requirements and inspection and Quarantine of U.S. beef exports to china. The two department also pointed out that, at the age of 30 months the following requirements traceability system, boneless beef bone in beef and the inspection and quarantine requirements shall be separately formulated. Surging news () noted that American beef banned exports to China began in January 2004, in order to prevent the mad cow disease was imported from America China. The Ministry of agriculture website information display, as early as March 1, 2001, the Ministry of agriculture, the national entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau issued a notice (2001 No. 143rd) said, in order to prevent the spread of mad cow disease China, prohibit directly or indirectly from countries or regions imported cattle, bovine embryos, bovine semen, BSE beef products (including beef offal) and its products, ruminant animal feed. The announcement, Great Britain, Ireland, Switzerland, France and other 13 countries have mad cow disease. The notice also pointed out that in the future where new BSE countries will be automatically included in the list. Since December 28, 2003, the U.S. Department of agriculture to the world organization for animal health (OIE) report, confirmed the occurrence of mad cow disease in Washington state. The United States also entered the list in January 14, 2004. Allow U.S. beef exports to China, but also to expand mutual openness between the two initiatives. According to Xinhua news agency, New York, September 20, Premier Li Keqiang said to interact with friendly Americans in the local time the evening of September 20th exchanges, the two countries should also further expand mutual opening, he said, Chinese recently completed a quarantine assessment of U.S. beef exports to China, will soon determine the beef imports from the United states. Li Keqiang pointed out that China is a large agricultural country, but also a large livestock production, but the United States also has good beef, why not let Chinese consumers have more options?"相关的主题文章: