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Northern Xinjiang continued to snow snow emergency rescue personnel of highway traffic insurance (Figure) – the new network for the traffic police are rescue vehicles. Li Yang photo Beijing, Aletai, November 13, (000 Wei Wu Qiong) affected by strong cold air, since 9 at night, Xinjiang Aletai area suffered heavy snow weather, snow thickness more than 20 cm, Xinjiang Yili area 11, the snow began, some sections of the wind and snow, so far up to 15 centimeters of snow. Currently, part of the northern part of Xinjiang snow continues, police, transportation and other departments to actively take measures to deal with continuous snowfall, keep the road open. Even the day, continuous snowfall in Xinjiang Aletai area, the lowest temperature of minus 8 degrees Celsius, the wind 5-6, the current speed of 3014 lines, 217 lines, 216 State Road, highway 227 and other sections of the average snowfall of 15 cm in thickness. At present, Aletai Highway Administration Bureau dispatched rescue machinery 39 units (units), emergency personnel more than 90 people, in 216 state line road, K120-180, K212-270, K60-K96 National Highway 217, highway 319 line K173-K186 and other sections were cleared more than 800 thousand cubic meters of snow, spread more than and 100 tons of snow melting agent, anti sliding sand more than 10 cubic meters, 12 rescue vehicles the number of vehicles, rescue 36 people. Yili Xinjiang section of the fruit from the beginning of November 11th snow in the night, some sections of the wind blowing snow, up to now, the total thickness of snow up to 15cm, the Fruit Hill Road branch in a timely manner to arrange machinery for snow removal. As of now, a total of 6 vehicles dispatched snowplows, staff and snow removal operations. In November 12th, due to continuous heavy snowfall led to the ice on the road the vehicle can not normal traffic, two-way traffic control will link all vehicles. At present, due to the weather conditions are still in the snow, snow is still in progress. According to the weather bureau news, affected by cold air, 13, northern Xinjiang, the intensity and range of snow decreased significantly, the beginning of 14, Xinjiang will once again appear in the northern part of the snow weather process. 14 to 15, Xinjiang, Tacheng and other places have a large local blizzard. (end)相关的主题文章: