Lee Hom, the concert movie Toronto won praise-月丘うさぎ

Lee Hom "firepower concert film" Toronto won the praise of the Sina entertainment news recently, Lee Hom [micro-blog] "firepower concert film" Toronto International Film Festival finalists, becoming the only selected Chinese documentary. Last night, Lee Hom was invited to the biggest local Film Festival Hall Princess Wales held of world premiere, 2000 seats with every seat taken with the foreign media after the show, the audience stood up and applauded for three minutes, to great acclaim! In the social networking platform sits on nearly 60 million fans of Lee Hom last night through Facebook and micro-blog watch live coverage of more than 13 million people. Lee Hom has been committed to bringing Chinese pop music to the world for many years. He is convinced that music and movies can transcend culture and race and make the West understand the culture of the east. "Firepower concert film" not released the first sensation, Toronto International Film Festival is the most influential in North America to obtain foreign media attention and audience from around the world have the opportunity to learn about Chinese pop music and culture. This movie to record history in the first game of the bird’s nest in Beijing pop music concert scene: visual and auditory shock and behind the journey as the spindle, tells the story of Lee Hom in the face of music and pursue the dream of the road since the obstacles and challenges, behind the success for their hard work and sacrifice touching inspirational the story. 2000 the audience naturally become the first round of the critics, in various social networking sites to rave reviews. According to the audience, said: "when the audience warm reaction, the atmosphere is moving, with the story of the film mood ups and downs". The Toronto International Film Festival artistic director Cameron Bailey premiere kicks off when said: "Lee Hom is one of the world’s most popular star, the Toronto International Film Festival audience will be the first witness this shocking full concert documentary film!". A lot of friends and critics also shared on the Internet after the video to give a high sense of "inspirational story touching, there is laughter, there are tears – piece of dream is a must see and pay attention to Chinese music layout of people". The cold _ clear: "don’t love documentary I didn’t expect much, but should see crying. Very hot, very inspirational, very suitable for everyone who has a dream to see, Brigitte Mueller: "a great movie! It’s great to be able to get a better understanding of Lee Hom through the fire, the local Chinese American US Chee: "we Chinese Americans proud of him!". Lee Hom to thank the audience and fans at the premiere after singing three songs and meet will be held, the scene is crazy accident caused a sensation that foreign media snapped. The festival also covered with "Lee Hom on the official website does not live in the radiance of the title to describe his popularity. Because the number is too start number control tube Erdogan, outside the long queues, after the premiere meeting will be delayed two hours before the end of. Last night the premiere coincides with the Mid Autumn Festival, Lee Hom not only brought a special "firepower" moon personally sent to local fans in the heart of Asia cannot present the fans throughout the live broadcast event. Lee Hom with 60 million fans in the evening hit a staggering success: 13 million live online fans and he together)相关的主题文章: