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Shanghai "good law" the country’s first emergency exemption from some people worry about good intentions to do bad things – Beijing News (reporter Dai Xuan) recently, the Shanghai Emergency Medical Service Ordinance formally implemented. Known as the "good law" of the first to take the lead in the provision of social emergency relief, clearly stipulates that the emergency rescue behavior is protected by law, causing harm to patients, does not bear legal responsibility". Concern: full exemption or "wrong" in recent years, in public places, but no sudden illness will save "or" no one dares to save "phenomena. In June this year, the Beijing Metro Line 6 Hujialou Station to Lucheng direction on the platform, Jin Bo, deputy editor of the 34 year old Tianya suddenly collapsed, although the site visitors for treatment, but still died. February 2014, Shenzhen 35 year old IBM Project Manager Liang Ya suddenly fell to the ground, no rescue for the last 50 minutes, the final death. How to solve such "no one dare to save" no one will save the phenomenon? By the Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress enacted the new regulations stressed: emergency on-site rescue behavior is protected by law, causing harm to patients, according to the law does not assume legal responsibility. And encourage the public to actively participate in first aid training. The emergency ambulance scene, the "Regulations" provisions, the public found the needs of emergency patients, emergency call should immediately call the "120" hotline, can carry out emergency rescue in emergency medical dispatch personnel under the guidance of the emergency relief can also be carried out according to the site, to provide convenience for first aid. At the same time, the "Regulations" to encourage people with first aid skills, the implementation of emergency ambulance scene of critically ill patients; automatic external defibrillator and other emergency equipment in place configuration, trained personnel can use the automatic external defibrillator and other emergency equipment for emergency rescue. Because the first proposed social emergency exemption, this good man was praised for helping to play a humanitarian, to mobilize social forces to participate in emergency. But because of the current level of first aid to ordinary citizens, many netizens worry about whether there will be a "good thing to do.". Response: to promote the introduction of liability insurance to protect the social emergency regulations on the skills of social emergency skills? Reporters found that the first aid skills in the regulations appear in many places, but did not clear what the first aid skills". In this regard, the Shanghai municipal health and Family Planning Commission yesterday told the Beijing News reporter, after the public through the Red Cross, pre hospital emergency treatment institutions and other medical institutions, the general can be identified with first aid skills. The training includes external pressure, artificial respiration, hemostasis, bandaging and other related skills. Regulations on the need for (first aid) certificate is not required, but in practice, the public after the first aid skills training and assessment, the relevant training institutions will be issued a certificate of training. In other words, the regulations on the first aid to participate in the good hearted no emergency skills threshold. The Shanghai Municipal Planning Commission said that in order to eliminate the labouring people actively participate in the emergency menace from the rear, to create a social atmosphere, the "Regulations" to encourage and promote the participation of the general public emergency rescue activities. For the first time in the emergency may be good to do something bad, Shanghai.相关的主题文章: