Renxian County, Hebei Yong five villages without the approval of the construction of private buildin-若槻ゆうか

Hebei Renxian County Yong five village without the approval of the land private high-rise building for sale – Beijing China network on 9 October, (reporter Hu Yongping) recently received the local villagers, Hebei city of Xingtai province Renxian County Yongfu Zhuang Xiang Yong five village people in the village collective land cover buildings and foreign sales, and the project without approval. A large population, less arable land is the basic condition of our country, to protect our limited arable land, is not only related to the consolidation of the basic position of China’s agricultural development, the relationship between the vital interests of the people, social stability and the national economy, is also a great concern in our country can maintain the independent position in international competition. Wen Jiabao in 2013 03 months 05 days in the twelfth session of the National People’s Congress for the first meeting of the government work report, it is pointed out that the fundamental stability of the rural land system for rural areas, but also for the long-term development of China, its core is to protect the property rights of farmers, the bottom line is strictly 1 billion 800 million mu of arable land. For a long time, the illegal occupation of farmland behavior greatly threaten the food security of our country, violated the interests of farmers, countries continue to strengthen macro-control, the use of legal and administrative means, to stop the occupation of farmland, the spread of the phenomenon of infringement of the interests of farmers. But there are still many places for their own interests, to ignore national laws and policy of the central government. Reporter visited found a permanent five village, in a land located in the village on the East is a piece of the site, there are many workers in the busy construction site. In the vicinity of the road, there are two high-rise buildings have been capped, and in the back of the building there are six rows of buildings in the building, each row of buildings are basically built to a layer of the two. Reporters asked several villagers, they said, the local levy was mostly farmland villagers, some villagers have been covering cash compensation, some may give the house. They don’t know who built the house. Under the guidance of the villagers, the reporter found the sales department not far from the site. This is a small cottage street, wall hung Wu Fu Garden Sales department". Reporters to the identity of the buyers with the staff to understand that there is no formal approval of the project, but they are applying for. Five cases of illegal occupation of arable land in the village, the reporter also in Renxian County Land Bureau has been verified. The Bureau of the leaders said the five permanent village buildings, has cultivated land occupied part of the act, had reflected to them, they also carried on the shutdown process. According to the law, non agricultural construction projects need to occupy basic farmland protection areas, to land management departments at or above the county level shall apply and fill in the "application" of basic farmland use license "report" land units or individuals, with the consent of the competent administrative department of agriculture at or above the county level shall, according to the land examination and approval authority for approval, receive the "basic the farmland use license". The unit or individual of the land for construction shall, after obtaining the license for the use of basic farmland, go through the formalities for land use according to the examination and approval procedures for land use and the examination and approval authority. No unit or individual may approve the use of farmland for the protection of basic farmland without receiving the license for the use of basic farmland. A unit or individual that uses basic farmland for non-agricultural construction,.相关的主题文章: