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"Malakas" sure not stop then go to the East China Sea landing Chinese Japan – Sohu News Morning News reporter Xu Yanfei this year fourteenth typhoon "Meranti" after the departure, the last day of a small holiday finally break a sigh. But with the sixteenth typhoon "malakas" close working days at the beginning of the collocation wind showers. Today the weather is not much higher than yesterday, at 23 -27. The Huangpu River will exceed the warning level at the end of a small holiday yesterday, the sun be long in coming evening sky is very beautiful. However, due to the astronomical tide and flood "malakas" impact of typhoon, flood control information center yesterday 15 00 issued blue warning signal: it is expected that the tide of Huangpu River and Hangzhou Bay in September 18th across the board will appear over the warning level, Suzhou Huangpu River Estuary tide in September 18th 01 when the 50 and 14:25 will reach 4.65 meters. The sixteenth typhoon this year, "malakas" (typhoon) yesterday, all the way north to Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places have brought heavy rainfall. Yesterday 17 when the center position has reached the sea from Zhejiang city in Wenling Province, approximately 335 km south easterly direction of the East China Sea, the typhoon center north west direction moves at a speed of 10 kilometers per hour. However, at present, has identified "malakas" not landing in China, it will stay in the East China Sea before the East China coastal storm into their circle, then went back to Japan, Japan is its ultimate goal. The eastern region has a heavy rain by the "malakas" influence, the city today and tomorrow is still more showers weather, the eastern region of Pudong, Fengxian, Jinshan, Eastern Chongming, heavy rain to heavy rain, the cumulative rainfall 40-70 mm. At the same time, the wind increased, Shanghai today is expected to turn northerly wind 5 gust 6-7, eastern coastal areas along the Yangtze River and the Yangtze River Estuary 6-7 gust 8, we pay attention to the prevention of travel. On the whole, "malakas" of the city is greater than the effect of wind and rain. After heavy rainfall has made the cost of Pudong City, Chongming and other areas of waterlogging, wind and rain effects may be related to the "malakas" typhoon superposition. It is expected that next Tuesday, the city will be the end of the rainy weather, overcast or cloudy weather. The highest temperature at the beginning of next week is 25 -27.相关的主题文章: