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People’s Daily: " ":   Mekong River; let the mainstream value achievement of mainstream movies – the media – original title: let the mainstream value achievement during the mainstream movie film "national day, the Mekong River action" to more than 600 million yuan at the box office, won the champion". This is a film with the quality and reputation of "counter attack" works: box office, released on the first row of tablets are not high, but all the way up, out of a "God curve". "The Mekong" adapted from 5 years ago "10? 5 China crew in Golden Triangle were killed, shows policemen bravery, reflecting the state to protect people. As the first day of release of a star in the micro-blog document said: "positive views, counter narcotics, upstream, Buweijianxian, dare to sacrifice, only for the protection of the protection of the people." It can be said that the Mekong action wants to tell the story, want to pass the value, it is the most positive energy of this era, the main theme. In fact, the National Archives of several other popular films, including the popular IP, the star of comedy, such as the market selling elements. The Mekong action will eventually win, mainly related to the production of sincerity. The cast and crew preparation for three years, collected millions of words of facts, adventures in Golden Triangle local framing and in-depth exchanges with the residents, the film took more than 150 working days. "The Mekong River action" once again proved that the film’s appeal is not in, not in the hype gimmick, fast food fast food products is ultimately to skim the foam, the heart can become classic works. Cultural product itself is the presentation of values. "The Mekong River action" covers the suspense, Sherlock, action and many other elements, compact plot, exciting fight brighten. These are explained, to convey our value, spread our thinking, need to have a good story to do the carrier, good form to do support. Like this to promote the theme, the transfer of positive energy film, should become a mainstream. Such a mainstream, not only the mainstream sense of value, but also should be the mainstream market level. It can converge at the level of ideas to better our morality and value expectations, can at the narrative level to the public to accept the way of packing the story, can use new technologies and means in the form level to create the audience loved audio-visual effects. Although there is still room for improvement in the Mekong action, it is debatable, but its success has shown that the main theme of the film and the market, and business is not contradictory. It is said that the value of American film output, is based on the understanding of the mainstream value of its film and television practitioners for decades, the understanding of national discourse. We hope the film professionals, but also more experience Chinese value, found China story, finally get the value, the art market and win. (commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Yan Shuai)相关的主题文章: