Chinese mbt-3000 tank price exceeds 33 million over par m1- Sohu in the new version of the United St-1926年属相�

Chinese MBT-3000 tank price exceeds 33 million over par M1- Sohu in the new version of the United States military channel according to the "Popular Mechanics" reported on November 8th, the Chinese military modernization most attention is the development of things Chinese air force and navy. This is normal, because the air force and the Navy usually have the most powerful weapons and the most eye-catching military equipment. But it is easy to see that China has the largest army in the world, with a population of 1 million 600 thousand. MBT-3000 main battle tank by the favor of Thailand is similar to the M1A1 price compared with the Navy and air force, Chinese army modernization speed is relatively slow, but it is still continue to receive some new tanks and armored vehicles. Some vehicles have appeared in last week’s Zhuhai air show, including the MBT-3000 VN12 main battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and many smaller wheeled armored vehicles. The original MBT-3000 is specially designed for Pakistan to battle tanks, but now it seems that Thailand is the first customer of this chariot. Thailand in the amount of $150 million bought a total of 28 MBT-3000 main battle tanks, each tank, the price of more than $5 million. This price is not low, because the U.S. version of the new version of the U.S. M1A1 tank also reached $5 million. M1A1 tank is a very powerful army equipment, has proved its strength on the battlefield. The 97 infantry fighting vehicles equipped with more than the United States M2 96B tanks lack some advanced equipment Chinese media showed a variety of China army armored vehicles in recent video report, including the 97 infantry fighting vehicles. The 97 infantry fighting vehicles appearance with the United States M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles are similar, but the number of people with more than M2. In terms of weapons, M2 infantry fighting vehicles equipped with 1 25 mm cannon chain and tow tank missiles, and 97 infantry fighting vehicles equipped with 1 100 mm rifled gun (low pressure can be fired shells, can also launch missiles) and 1 30 mm cannon. The 97 infantry fighting vehicle also has the ability to maneuver on the water, equipped with a large scale mechanical lift type anti wave board and water jet propeller, so that the water speed can reach up to 12 miles per hour (about 19 km). Secondly, this video also describes the Chinese 96B tanks. The 96B tank is China army’s main battle tank, the structure and properties of MBT-3000 and similar. The two tanks are equipped with the same weapons and similar engines, but 96B is a special weapon of the Chinese army, not export. Compared with MBT-3000, 96B has more advanced communication systems and fire control systems. However, 96B tanks seem to lack some advanced equipment, does not meet the standards of modern tanks. For example: it is not equipped with independent thermal imager and active protection system. In addition, in the summer at the tank contest, 96B did not return victorious. In the race, a torsion bar on the left side of the 96B tank broke and lost a load wheel. China launched anti mine anti ambush.相关的主题文章: