Detective Conan says the world of Conan is only half a year old-瀬名アスカ

"Detective Conan" author Conan said the world just over half a year recently "detective Conan" the author of "Singapore Write Festival" Gosho Aoyama came here, he will face a variety of questions and answers readers. It also revealed some surprising news. The fans will be happy to have a good ending? But the translation seems to translation problems, Gosho Aoyama answer is AI Chan’s last, zeta zeta and Che Che J after Yo and Si Hai ~ masu. Then the translator direct translation is AI sauce then becomes a good man (EXM?). I think what Gosho Aoyama means is that in the end there will be a happy ending. Then Gosho Aoyama added, as to when, when you will know, I feel like it means sad CP? "Detective Conan" the world’s only half a year that San San and Akai is sweet and was also observed in 10 (Minmei and Akai cousin)? We heard screaming, Gosho Aoyama answered, I wont U (yes). After the translation also said: She asks Akemi-san Akai-san are cousins and? They, are Yes. Can Gosho Aoyama tell us about the next movie about flat and leaf? Gosho Aoyama sell Meng: hey? Then say there will be a flat opponent? Then the translator says that the a rival Hattori and (did not listen to the clear may be said and leaves), so it means that there will be peace and sub competition and the leaves of the people of the between? M20 is more like an action movie than a movie? And the last few steps seem to be the case? Do you think it’s more important? (PO master baby: This is a level problem!) Gosho Aoyama said that the next theatrical version would be a relatively pure story. Why is Carol Kidd and a new long like this? Gosho Aoyama: there is a reason, but can not say. Sakura Cho was asked whether there is a follow-up question to disclose some information, but did not understand the translation…… Tangled for a long time, only to answer the last castle peak. Will anyone die at the end of Conan? Gosho Aoyama again sell Meng: hey? And then said it was a secret. How long did it take for Conan’s world? Everyone laughed. Gosho Aoyama: half a year. You laugh. Questioner Tucao: only six months have happened so many murders! The questioner wants Gosho Aoyama to clear up two rumors. One is that Kudo Yusaku is the ultimate boss. The second is the sirloin and Bell Moder (Chris) is the same person. But the questioner Bell Moder is not accurate, the translation may not clear the second questions. Gosho Aoyama only answered the first question. This is a fan of Kidd, I hope that Gosho Aoyama painted more than ~ and then asked the organization and the organization of the inside of the Conan is not the same in the Kidd? If not, you are not ready to spend the next 20 New Year paintings of Kidd? The audience laughed _ (3 / _: "Gosho Aoyama).相关的主题文章: