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Within reach of the Public Security Bureau — Law — people.com.cn "convenient, very convenient!" Work in the provinces of Nanjing Zhang how could not think of their own at home with a few WeChat operating on the daughter of a good account. Mr. Zhang is the Jiangning District of Nanjing, the husband and wife work in Hefei. My daughter was born more than a year, do household things but delayed due to complicated procedures. Not long ago I heard by the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau launched the "micro police" WeChat public number you can do accounts, Mr. Zhang is in accordance with the requirements of the relevant documents uploaded by WeChat, and the child’s birth certificate to the designated recipient by courier. Three days later, Mr. Zhang received the Nanjing District Public Security Bureau sent to the account of the Jiangning. It is understood that now can be handled through the WeChat platform also includes the city’s household registration matters for residence and residence permit, ID for the progress of inquiries and other five items, covering the most common household business. At the end of June this year, officially launched a new version of the "micro policing" WeChat service platform to build the Nanjing municipal public security bureau. From the 2015 Nanjing police net window for more than 16 million times the amount of service projects, selected the people most concerned about, the most commonly used and most direct 26 high-frequency business, in the "Nanjing police" on the WeChat platform launched micro police service projects. Micro policing platform is the Public Security Bureau of the masses of the people!"   Nanjing City Public Security Bureau deputy mayor, Sun Jianyou said, "the construction of this platform is to let people stay at home can enjoy all kinds of services, the public security organs". Chariotest pipe business is the public security organs concerned about the high degree of service field. In the "micro police", the traffic control service covers to the plate to make up for 6 years, apply for exemption sign, driver’s license expires replacement service selection from the car. People stay at home, online processing, license plate and vehicle registration certificate, driving license, inspection marks will send home. In addition, the public can also be achieved by micro policing platform for the rapid handling of minor traffic accidents, pay traffic fines. For frequent replacement, the motor vehicle driver’s license expires due inspection, traffic violations due to deal with issues such as "micro policing" platform to push alerts, to avoid overdue many trouble for the public. Since July 1st, WeChat for the traffic volume reached 534 thousand passengers, the total business volume of 28%. To adapt to the immigration business growing trend, "micro policing" also launched an appointment to apply for accreditation, schedule query and Macao visa application service. Members of the public can choose the time and place to choose their own by virtue of the admissibility of the number of inquiries at any time to check the progress of the certificate, and through the micro payment to pay the cost of processing, commissioned by the courier sent home. Especially in Hong Kong and Taiwan endorsement, people only need to handle for the first time in the immigration hall, after you can easily handle the WeChat. In addition, through the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau command center and micro policing platform 24 hours seamless, mobile alarm platform to achieve. The data on the road, fewer people to run errands". Sun Jianyou said, Nanjing micro police efficient operation, thanks to the first to achieve a multi unit public security and multi sectoral data sharing. Nanjing)相关的主题文章: