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The Nobel prize in Economics: what is "contract theory"? Sohu news in new network on 10 October, according to the official website of the Nobel prize, Harvard University Oliver? Hart (Oliver Hart) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Horst Rom (Bengt? Holmstr? M) won the 2016 Nobel prize in economics for the contract theory contribution. Foreign media reported that the contract theory is one of the branches of economics in the past 30 years of rapid development, has been in the process of integration. The "contract theory" is the research and analysis of economic behavior and results between different people in a particular transaction environment down, often need to simplify the transaction attributes by assuming conditions to a certain extent, set up a model to analyze and draw the theoretical point of view. Nobel’s official website said that the "contract theory" is used to solve similar problems: such as schools, hospitals and prisons, such as public service providers should be state-owned or private? Teachers, doctors and the jailer should have a fixed wage and performance wage? How much should the income of the managers of the enterprise come from the bonus and how much is the right to purchase shares?相关的主题文章: