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NATO announced in Eastern European countries to strengthen the military to "restrict Russia" – Sohu news network October 27,   comprehensive report, NATO announced that it will strengthen the military forces in Eastern Europe, to restrict russia". Britain says it will send fighters to Romania, and the United States will send troops, tanks and artillery to Poland. The 26 day, held in Brussels, NATO defense ministers meeting, Germany, Canada and other countries have pledged troops. This is the largest since the end of the cold war, NATO in Eastern European countries bordering russia. As part of this program, U.S. Defense Secretary Carter announced that U.S. troops in eastern Poland to deploy a team of 900 people ready to fight the army ", another army will be equipped with tanks and other heavy equipment, ready to deploy anywhere in eastern europe. Carter said that this is an important signal that the United States is still committed to strengthening deterrence in europe. British Defense Secretary Fallon said that from May next year, the British will be sent to Estonia, a camp of 800 people, France and Denmark will also provide support. The United States hopes the camp will be deployed in June next year. London will also be sent to Romania Typhoon fighter patrols around the Black Sea, while providing support to Turkey. Fallon said, "although we are out of the EU, but we will make greater efforts to ensure the safety of NATO’s eastern and southern flanks." NATO plans to build 4 combat groups, with a total force of 4000 people, a rapid reaction force of the people of the 40000 will be backed up. NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said that the deployment of 4000 troops in the Baltic countries and Eastern European countries, is to increase the Russian military made a moderate reaction". The Russian nuclear capable ballistic missiles deployed in the Islamic Kandel border with NATO member Poland and Lithuania area of Kaliningrad. Russia’s defense ministry said it was part of a previous military exercise. Recently, further deterioration of relations between Russia and the United states. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov accused the United States to take aggressive action against Russia’s national interests and pose a threat to Russian security. Russian permanent representative of NATO Alexander? Glushko has previously said that Russia and NATO has no intention of confrontation. He believes that NATO policy will lead to an arms race, which is not necessary for all parties.相关的主题文章: