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Sam Hui will do my grandfather three generations appearance come on stage to sing Sam Hui at the "rally" meeting media Sina entertainment news Beijing on August 25th news, according to Hongkong media reports, Sam Hui Song Concert in October 27 to 29 in the Coliseum, Sam Hui yesterday to attend the "other conference", get a lot of people in the circle of vote "Sam the song" cheer, Sam Hui black dress to wear scarves, sunglasses and hat stars appeared, he said almost become a grandfather, but do not rule out when three generations came to sing. This "referendum" love Sam Hui as the theme song, as the campaign chairman Lin Jianming, He Aoer, Xu Huaixin, [micro-blog] Xu Huaigu, Michael Wong, Sam Hui son Justin, and on behalf of father Michael Hui [micro-blog] the son of Xu Siwei had appeared in the game. A group of artists, Sam Hui voted for film songs, including Sean Lau Alan Tam, [micro-blog] [micro-blog] Louis Koo, [micro-blog], Huang Zihua, Sammo Hung, Michael Wong, Gigi Leung, grasshopper [micro-blog] Xu Huaigu, etc.. Sam Hui first in Taiwan revealed Xu Huaigu’s wife Ida when not, because she was pregnant with the baby, take health BB in the hospital, and then Michael Hui said Xu thought dad will do a talk show guest. Then Lin Jian sent guitar name to Sam Hui, Congress has launched a cake for the days of the 80 birthday of Lin Jian and Sam Hui’s birthday in September too early. When it comes to a film class singer Sam Hui will pick the songs, simply ask them to do? He said: "to stand under the presence of any singer, they will be caught singing on stage." Refers to a Sam Hui close to the trend, on the Internet called "Mingfu man dawn [micro-blog] to help him do the" Sam Hui Fu Man ", Sam Hui says with a laugh:" figure fun, try to follow the trend." Sam Hui was developed by Taiwan, will please Tat dik Sam Hui said: "dance, there are several English songs to dance and dance, and sing songs with good cat king, 60s English Jin song." Sam Hui on the 28 of this month will be canvassing the streets campaign. (Miao Fei)相关的主题文章: