The construction area is 4 workers suddenly hit 1 people were seriously injured bee-嘿嘿taxi

Insulation engineering area is 4 construction workers suddenly hit 1 people were seriously injured bee recently in Xi’an Park Road Kunlun District thirty-six neighborhood building facade is plaster, and in September 30th, 4 workers in 48 building work, suddenly under attack, and attack them, is on the roof bee. City Express, all media reporters rushed to the scene today, saw the beehive hanging on the roof of the building 48, under the roof, the size of a basketball, can be seen in the vicinity of the bees hovering. According to the scene of the workers, the day a total of 4 workers were injured, including one seriously injured, was sent to the hospital a shot, has returned to his home to rest, the situation is not very serious. Due to the district a lot of old and young children, together with the workers to continue the construction work, so they hope to be able to remove the honeycomb as soon as possible. Reporters also help to contact the 119 firefighters, fire officers rushed to the scene. After looking at the cellular, fire staff expressed the need for burglary and removal of cellular, unfortunately, the top floor of the households do not have at home, probably in the afternoon to come back. The staff said that after they will come back again on the top floor tenants, and.相关的主题文章: