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China’s overseas mergers and acquisitions in the first half of the amount of private enterprises mergers and acquisitions soared over the first state-owned stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes of the Securities Times reporter Li Shanshan recently held in Xiamen in 2016, the global M & a forum, PWC and Chinese Equity Investment Fund Association jointly issued the "2016 global mergers and acquisitions market the annual report". The report said, the first half of 2016, Chinese mainland enterprises overseas mergers and acquisitions to achieve substantial growth, trading volume increased by 140%, the transaction amount increased by 286% (nearly 3 times), reached $134 billion, the sum of more than two years ago in overseas mergers and acquisitions transactions. Of these, 24 transactions amounted to more than $1 billion. Chemical China $43 billion acquisition of Syngenta is by far the largest overseas acquisition cases, even if the deduction of this amount of significant transactions, the amount of overseas mergers and acquisitions is still the second half of 2015 increased by 161% (and more than 2015 full year). In this regard, these mergers and acquisitions cyanine founder Wu Liujun told the Securities Times reporter, venture capital exchange, overseas mergers and acquisitions has three main reasons, first of all, many of the Chinese companies need to upgrade, access to a complete brand, technology, market demand channel through the acquisition of resources. The relative price of domestic and overseas assets is relatively low, but also promote the willingness of buyers for China. In addition, this is also related to changes in the policy of the foreign exchange administration in recent years. At present, the State encourages enterprises to go out, in a certain amount of transactions, the implementation of overseas mergers and acquisitions filing system, which greatly contributed to more overseas mergers and acquisitions. The last factor is related with the expected devaluation, many domestic investors tend to configure overseas assets to hedge against the risk of devaluation, the mergers and acquisitions of overseas subject has become a good choice. In addition, the report shows that Chinese enterprises going out thanks to the smooth flow of A shares market financing channels and rapid growth of financial investors. It is worth noting that the state-owned enterprises in the first half of 2016 is more active, and the private enterprises overseas mergers and acquisitions continue to dominate the market, the first time exceeded that of the state-owned enterprises in the amount of private enterprises, and top 20 transactions accounted for 2/3. Wu Liujun believes that in recent years, the development of the capital market to boost private mergers and acquisitions, private enterprises to give a better financing. Although the volume of economic strength, state-owned enterprises still have a significant advantage, but it is easier to innovate private enterprises, as long as there is a chance to catch up with the state-owned enterprise innovation. According to the report, high-tech, large consumer related and the media and entertainment industry has attracted a lot of money, in part because of China’s emerging middle class and consumer culture. Wu Liujun said that the future of high-tech, large consumption, health care will be the focus of future overseas mergers and acquisitions industry. She believes that the current Chinese enterprises still need more overseas technology; consumer markets also need to be expanded to the world; in addition there are a large number of domestic medical needs, and technology in the healthcare industry field abroad has been relatively advanced. Therefore, these three industries will be the focus of future development. Report that the current private equity fund investment and offbeat Cong相关的主题文章: