The first three quarters of the new fund market pioneer cold low risk products to-下北glory days

The first three quarters of the new fund pioneer fund market: Sina overexert low risk products cold exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The 2016 issue of the new fund freeze, as of September 14th, time is close to the year 75%, the new product release number is only equivalent to 68% last year, first raised the scale of only 35%. Single product sales time is also extended to 13, and showed a low risk products play a torch with the leading trend in the winter, a vanguard. Among them, Bo, CCB highlights. When new products issue size ranking continued to improve, the first 3 quarters has been ranked first in the industry, at the same time, the number of issued products is the most; CCB issued the number is not much, but the issue size has exceeded 10% in the year 2015 in Taihe new performance of the fund’s lead, among them, Cathay health this year has reached 32.3%, ranking of shares first; "a Internet plus big data has reached 20.3%, and the types of funds ranked first advanced will be behind the shenwanling letter and Huatai PineBridge issued in 2015 compared to a huge drop in cold. Is a year before the issuance strategy and subsequent fund performance, is an important reason for inhibition of its new product release heat for the public fund, the three quarter of 2016 has been described as boring, all kinds of products were lackluster performance. But this time it is just a good time to sow – the consensus on the market is that for the next few years, and now must be in the bottom of the market area. Based on this belief, the fund Ruoshi can Maihao, strong basis for future market to harvest. But the mentality of the people and the purchase is similar to that of the people is to buy or not to buy, so the difficult issue is the fund Ruoshi fund companies must face. Fortunately, sell the fund does not make money, difficult to sell the fund after the sweet! This sentence also allows fund companies to find the reasons for the difficulties. However, in this bear market, there are a number of fund companies have been successful: whether it is first raised the total size of the issue or the number of funds, the number of its 3 quarter issue has been higher than last year. Some new fund managers in the bear market is not complaining, Zhinanershang, with excellent management capabilities, the fund has been profitable. For institutions and investment per capita is commendable. The market cold low risk products to "heavy pressure Ching Chung, Chung ting and straight". Even in this environment, in terms of size, there are still 15 companies before the three season first raised the scale beyond the 2015 annual results, the establishment of a new product quantity beyond 2015 24; from the new fund performance, some companies are also particularly prominent regardless of size or release speed, in 2016 the fund distribution market are too cool well, the new fund issue is not easy. Bull market in the first half of 2015, the same period raised the issue of public offering hot, the annual new fund issued a total of 1153, the first raised $1 trillion and 680 billion. As of September 14th this year (hereinafter referred to as the first three quarters), the time of the year of the theory of the year of 2016相关的主题文章: