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After the collapse of the 5 firms over A shares to exchange funds still need further consolidation of shrinking sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries as you earn take can make you my source: surging surging news reporter Lv Qiwei from the Mid Autumn Festival holiday only 3 trading days, A shares suffered another blow. In September 12th, stock index opened sharply lower, intraday fell 3000 points, after a full plate to ink, 2455 stocks fell on the surface, only 41 stocks rose. The final prev 1.85% decline ending, the gem is down 2.61%. The sudden "black Monday" to run the market, according to statistics, 5 nearly 5 years before the Mid Autumn Festival trading on the Shanghai Composite Index fell mostly, discussion resurfaces or shareholders holding cash at holidays. What is the pre A shares continue to fall or around 3000 points repeated shocks? Resulting brokerage agencies view pupil play. Shenwan Hong: growth stage is still not optimistic about the overall dominance, Shenwan Hong analyst Wang Sheng pointed out that from long period, because the theory and actual changes in the stock pricing mainly comes from the numerator and denominator of the expected trend, so the relative valuation of most stocks should be maintained at a stable central level, when the relative valuation of style the deviation of the central index when the need for vigilance style whether there will be a risk of torsion. From the latest data, the relative valuation of the gem CSI 300 has reached the beginning of 2015 and early 2013, the possibility of strong inversion theory, need to pay attention to "indicating the relative valuation of extreme effect". But if the longitudinal view, according to the different style classification index valuation and profit excluding losses, most index valuation style classification is average high, just high amplitude, therefore, even if the growth stage may indeed be dominant, overall is still not optimistic. Minsheng Securities: the action can still be time to collect the livelihood of securities analyst Li Shaojun strategy to determine the market shock narrowed, the market direction to be clear, but the action can still be time to gather. From the macro system of driving force perspective, domestic economic pessimism has improved, but the external liquidity easing is expected to weaken, the recent market expected marginal changes did not make clear masterstroke and the market for medium-term policy supply side structural reforms and steady growth will be increased expected warming, but considering the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day holidays. The short-term market sentiment or still wait and see. In the market momentum continues to gather background, the market will continue to be dominated by structural opportunities, with the support of the performance of short-term catalytic factors and the opportunity is still worth holding. The recent need to focus on the following: 1, the main marginal changes in central bank policy window period approaching, external liquidity easing is expected to weaken; 2, trade data improved, fixed exchange rate pressure under relatively limited economic expectations; 3, inflation data has been warmer, steady tone currency liquidity will remain stable; 4, supervision pay more attention to the capital market service layer play a role in the real economy, conducive to boost market confidence; 5, on the market相关的主题文章: