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The money can save the eight new deal profound impact on your life – Sohu financial       first, bank card credit card fee down, the money can be saved! September 6th, the national development and Reform Commission, the people’s Bank of China jointly issued on the improvement of bank card payment fee pricing mechanism notice began. According to the new regulations, card issuers charge issuing bank service charges on debit card, credit card billing difference. The debit card fee reducing transaction does not exceed 0.35% of the amount of single charge 13 yuan cap; credit card rate is less than 0.45%, not a single pen cap.   after this adjustment, catering and other industries business credit card, debit card transaction fees issuing bank service charges, the network can reduce the total 53%-63% respectively, department stores and other industries businesses can be reduced by 23%-39%. Supermarkets, large warehouse stores, water and electricity gas payment, refueling, transportation ticket merchant rates overall stability. Preliminary estimates, all types of businesses can reduce credit card fees per year about 7 billion 400 million yuan. Two, the four departments issued opinions, individual industrial and commercial households will usher in the "two card integration" before the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the State Administration of Taxation, the national development and Reform Commission, the State Council Legislative Affairs Office of the four departments issued "on the implementation of individual business license and tax registration certificate" two permits integration "opinions", further requirements deepen the reform of commercial system, from December 1st onwards, the formal implementation of individual business license and tax registration certificate "two permits integration", four provinces of Heilongjiang, Shanghai, Fujian, Hubei (city) October 1st pilot. "Two card integration" is the "three in one" reform of the registration system to extend the individual industrial and commercial households, is another new initiative commercial system reform. Three, the food and Drug Administration deployed during the mid autumn day in September 5th the work of food safety, food and Drug Administration Office issued a "Circular on strengthening the" food safety supervision work during the mid autumn day, called on all localities to increase food production supervision and inspection, strict seasonal food quality and safety supervision, punish food safety crime, effectively protect the broad masses of the people eating during the festival safety and health. Four, trademark applicants can apply for the registration of the trademark business   from the beginning of September this year, SAIC will be commissioned to accept the application for trademark registration. After the reform of the pilot started in full swing, you can apply for trademark registration of the applicant to apply for business. According to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce recently issued the "commissioned by the local industry and Commerce and the market supervision department accepted the application for Trademark Registration Interim Provisions", at or above the county level (in the capital city, prefecture level city based market supervision department) business, commissioned by the trademark Industrial and Commercial Bureau, established the trademark registration application acceptance window in local government hall or registration hall, on behalf of the registration of trademarks acceptance of the application for business. Five, how to reduce the risk of disability? The State Council promulgated the plan before the office of the State Council issued the "national disability prevention action plan (2016 – 2020)", to strengthen the prevention of disability, effective.相关的主题文章: